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VideoGamer writes: "Crucially, though, that intangible PES magic remains and expands with the potential of the new engine; matches take on their own personalities (helped by new player emotions – perform well and your play will visibly improve during the game) and you’ll discuss great goals for years, especially now that shooting and heading are weightier, more natural feeling. Even Master League is better. Streamlined and slicker than last year’s bizarre cut-scene driven noise.

The best football title this year? We’ll have to wait until FIFA appears. Until then, Konami’s back on top of the heap."

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Stsonic1829d ago

Almost 300 degrees and no comments?

Come on football fans, don't be shy.

GrizzliS19871829d ago

bbb...bu...but.....but i.. :(

nix1829d ago

last year PES13 was my clear choice. it just feels so beautiful to play that game. good that they're slowly getting their groove.

ssj271829d ago

this pess is very realistic! and the demo was fun to play one yu get used to he new gameplay flow..
the demo does have some things that get in my nerve and i hope is not int he final game .. I'm waithign for mine to arrive soon!!

sk12341829d ago

PES might win this year.

iceman061829d ago

This review basically summed up my feelings about the demo. It was difficult, at first, to come to grips with all of the new changes. Just as I thought that Fox Engine had killed PES, there was an epiphany of sorts. One move, that opened up the possibilities of this game. This is what keeps me playing the demo over FIFA. It feels like learning. It doesn't feel cheap, or like a disadvantage. It feels like something that hasn't been mastered yet. As opposed to FIFA, where it reminds me of a PES from a couple years back. I am simply loving the demo. I might be in the minority...but so be it.

ssj271829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Yes you are right!

imagine what they are making with the fox engine in term of visuals gameplay for next gen!
they skip making a poor port this time and I will take tha as a good sing.
PES15 on next gen is going to be extraordinary a true next gen experience!

iceman061829d ago

I agree. I am thoroughly excited for the next gen version next year. It was a smart decision, in my opinion, to not port it FIFA...simply because PES has a smaller audience and needs all of the sales that it can get.

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The story is too old to be commented.