Outlast Review - The Digital Fix

It’s terrifying from the outset as you - Miles Upshur, nosy journalist - investigate the Mount Massive Asylum after an anonymous tip about strange goings on. This is not the only nod to old school horror movies; eerily lit corridors, relentless maniacal pursuers and thunderclap storms make an appearance too. The mise-en-scène makes use of the Unreal engine to devastating effect. Shadows cling to every surface, broken occasionally by flickering lights or the glow from dormant PC monitors. Much of the game is shrouded in pitch black darkness, requiring the use of your night vision camcorder which renders everything in an eerie green glow. The effect is particularly well done and although it provides a form of safety, its use is limited by batteries; more can be found by exploring, but they’re not the only things waiting in the dark…

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