Is Grand Theft Auto V Living Up to Your Expectations?

Push Square: "Rockstar Games may have nurtured one of the largest entertainment franchises on the planet over the past 15 or so years, but such desirable territory comes with unrivalled pressures. While the company will no doubt be readying a press release regarding Grand Theft Auto V’s record breaking sales as we type, such high anticipation comes with elevated expectations. And with the thrill of the early reviews and midnight launches now a fading memory, does the game have the Chops [pun absolutely intended – Ed] to maintain pace with its escalating hype?

"Grand Theft Auto IV, the previous entry in the series, befell a cruel fate following its release in 2008. Despite securing unanimous critical acclaim, Niko Bellic’s semi-serious romp through Liberty City went on to divide fans due to its dark narrative and failure to evolve. The game, alongside its slightly more agreeable Episodes from Liberty City expansions, still sold over 25 million copies, but dare to venture into any hardcore gaming community, and you’ll find just as many disgruntled consumers as you will earnest admirers."

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SignifiedSix911680d ago

I'll find out this weekend :3

Hellsvacancy1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

I don't like the driving, it's too much like Sleeping Dogs, you can crash your a hundred times and it'll still drives the same as when you first got in it, the cars handle REALLY easily, you don't have to worry about crashing your car at all, just keep going

I've only played it for a few hours, but I remember GTAIVs driving, when you crashed it actually felt like you crashed, your car would look crumpled and it wouldn't drive as well

Other than that one small thing "it's ggggggggggggreat"

steve30x1680d ago

I've broken lots of cars in the game easily. I hate the handling though. Its way too touchy and stuck to the road.

LackTrue4K1680d ago

You must of Ben driving something heavy, all sports cars I have driven don't last long.
I was driving this lifted truck off-road, now that took a hard ass beating!!

Hellsvacancy1680d ago

Yeah forget what I said I just played it for a little while and totally totalled a car, you couldn't even turn the wheels lol

swishersweets200311680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

If i compared it to the Original trilogy. No. not even close to being better than the older ones.

Its games like easy mode. How the hell do you even crash and burn the damn cars. You crash upside down you will do a auto flip and continue driving like nothings wrong with them.

No TIMED taxi missions! You take your sweet ass time and get the money no matter what. no paramedic missions, cop car missions, firetruck missions.. as far as what i tried unless something glitched out and didnt work.

Auto health regain to 50% after a mission takes alot of the challenge out of the game. You have so many ways to gain your health back in this game what was the point of auto health regain? Sorry but im not a video game noob.

The cops are pathetic. They are no challenge what so ever to get away from.

This is just my first impressions of playing.. i'll maybe change my tune once i complete the game and find all the secrets but so far its very lackluster of a GTA. Compared to IV it blows it away but compared to the original GTA's it feels slimmed down for a low price of 59.99 we probably will get the rest of the game in DLC.

JeromeNtheHouse1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Is Grand Theft Auto V Living Up to Your Expectations?


Ezz20131679d ago

don't know
my copy didn't arrive yet

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