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It doesn't get black people, it doesn't like women and it tuts at things like Facebook and iPhones. What happened to you GTA? You used to be cool.

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chestnut11221764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Yikes! Here comes the Hits!
Lol at his Overall Comment,

" Do your worst: Yell at me in the comments, send me threatening emails or start a petition to get me fired. But I can't in good conscience give a higher score than this to Grand Theft Auto 5. Rockstar should know better"

What a Dumbass Reviewer >_<

vishmarx1764d ago

why do these guys even review such games if all they want is rainbows and ponies

vigilante_man1764d ago

I have read his review and it does actually seem a fair assessment. Now, I have not played the game myself yet so I am reading it on good faith.

He gives great marks for most aspects of the game:
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 10/10
Replay Value: 9/10

He gives the music 7/10 citing the lack of recognisable tracks - which may be a fair comment and a fair score. You will either love the music or it will be hit and miss.

His big criticism of the game is the writing 3/10. He says it is bad to women, out of touch and very child-like humour. I did laugh when he mentioned a radio presenter in the game advertise a college for women to learn to screw better. That is a funny joke but it could become boring if that's all they do - over and over.

Now we all know that GTA is very popular with kids. Yes, they should not be playing but they always do. Parents still do not get that 18 means 18 content. Maybe the writers are aiming their humour at kids. I would like to think there is intelligent and funny humour as well. I have not played yet so I do not know.

I remember watching Shrek when it came out and thought it was the funniest film ever. I also could not see how kids could get the humour as it was very adult. But both kids and adults like the film. So humour can be intelligent as well as just plain childish.

For those who have actually played the game and who can comment in a fair way - what did/do you make of the writing itself. He has said other aspects of the game are amazing. What do you guys think about the writing?

Blastoise1764d ago

"It doesn't get black people, it doesn't like women and it tuts at things like Facebook and iPhones. What happened to you GTA? You used to be cool"

Anyone else completely put off the review by just that?

I mean, I was willing to give it a chance, hear out the guys thoughts but now I don't think I'll even bother.

HammadTheBeast1763d ago

The reviewer is an idiot with no concept of what satire is.

I'm done.

Blacktric1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

"Maybe the writers are aiming their humour at kids."

One of the most ignorant comments I have ever read this week. Thanks a lot for that. I do hope that one day you will learn the meaning of the word "satire" though.

grailly1763d ago

I was going to give this review a chance, I myself don't think the game is perfect.

Why would anyone ever WRITE this:
* things to do that are quote-unquote "wacky." *

after that point I just read a few of the point he made, and yeah it's a dumb review.

Spinal1763d ago

Im sorry but im Black an this game does Get black people and ive had so much lauhgter from the dialogue between Franklin and Lamar. Reminds me of Friday (film by Ice Cube & Chris Tucker).

Loving the game so far, this reviewer is just looking for hits an i wont view his site.

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B-radical1764d ago

While i think he is fishing for hits it's still sadly his opinion aha

dj3boud1764d ago

The reviewer is what we call around here an "attention whore"

AbhishekGIS1764d ago Show
maximus19851764d ago

"it's trying to look street - but since it's written by middle-aged white men who haven't researched their characters, it comes over false."

weird actually Rockstar did alot of research. if you read his complaints hes basically complaining about the satire that the GTA games are KNOWN for

orakle441764d ago

great point, rockstar have stated that they have spent significant time in LA in the past 5 years doing research. just another uninformed reviewer, that hasn't done his homework, ironic really.

pandehz1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Lol give him a break.
Most of you haven't played the game yet.

It might be a 7 or a 9.9 whatever. Its a review.

Its not like I wouldnt want to play this game. of course I wanna see what nonsense I can get up to but this was a pretty good read.

HeavenlySnipes1764d ago

Played 2 hours of it

That shit is amazing already. The cars, the voice acting, the animation, the shooting, the driving (the driving is less realistic than GTAIV but whatever)

Everything is amazing and I've barely seen anything yet. I doubt the game will be going downhill from this point on

grailly1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

I personally thought the beginning didn't feel confident and was not very inspired. It gets way better.

Allsystemgamer1763d ago

His complaints are what GTA is known for. The characters are written appropriately. He's just seeking hits. I regret giving him one. Rock star has done their research. Maybe he should too.

Darth Gamer1764d ago

This reviewer has not a clue. Not to mention that the damn game is worth a 8 on presentation alone and thats before you figure in everything else. I have boughten all of the GTA's and Never finished one of them but this may be the first. Played for 4 hours last night and gotta say that I am impressed with the size and scope of it. Truely an impressive achievement in games. Can't wait to dive back in tonight.

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