Forza dev: We're in a different space to other racers

Forza Motorsport 5 is in a "different space" compared to other racing titles, according to creative director Dan Greenawalt.

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theWB271648d ago

Forza is my favorite racing title, but I'm tired of hearing this same's be much easier to just show us what's going on. A few months to go and we've only seen a handful of cars and 2 tracks. C'mon Turn10....

JokesOnYou1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

True, less talk for me is always better...but to be fair hes being interviewed so I expect him like all devs to talk up his game and of course the journalists to headline with the best qoute.

Also take note that his comment was in reference to comparison of Forza5 vs other racers being released on X1, he said:

"These other games, that's really not their ambition. And that's great, we're not criticising, we're just kind of in a different - a different league is the wrong term - we're in a different space."

-When you actually read his comments he's really being very respectful of other games, throughout the interview.

Blaze9291648d ago

tired of hearing the same stuff? Tell journalist to step their game up with these elementary school questions they keep asking.

theWB271648d ago

They can only ask so much...I'm just looking for Turn10 to release some pics. They could have released an in-game(video) track overview of Bathurst when they announced it. Even release a replay video of the tracks already announced. I'd love to see Nurburgring.

Just release something...not the corner of a turn of Bathurst.

IDK how much I can blame them though, I'm sure this is Microsoft controlling what gets released.

1648d ago
DistroyerOfFanbums1647d ago

Hmm, I remember saying something about how all turn 10(rather Dan Greenwalt) was talking about drivatars , tire physics, ect. I wanted to know what we're the tracks, how many cars are their, ect..

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B-radical1648d ago

Im glad that both sony and microsoft offer different type of racers

cabbitwithscissors1648d ago

Preempt excuse for second best in terms of xbone vs PS4 ? C'mon, the game's just starting... where's the fight in you like last gen ?

thrust1648d ago

It has to be second best it's not on the ps4'

cabbitwithscissors1648d ago

Conceding defeat before it has even launched ? What happened to Hell retreat ? We just got here.

What's next ? all sitting around a camp fire single Kumbaya ?

This is not what I'm expecting. I want to see blood, guts, sweat all around, not magic unicorns, sweet candy and ponies prancing around pastel coloured pastures with rainbows, flowers and glitter all around.

or is the writing already on the wall of lost causes, painful defeat and white flagging ?
Oh dear. O.O o.O T.T =.= ;=(

nerdeu1648d ago

Forza is in the space of arcade gaming. I know, it's not meant to be a simulator, but it really misses that feeling. Rather than the car is moving through the landscape it is more the landscape that's moving and the car is just floating. I hope you know what I mean. The feeling between driver and car just isn't there fully.

hennessey861648d ago

It's strange you say that because when I played it with my fanatec GT2 I could feel what the tires were doing at all times, maybe you have played it with a control pad?. With a wheel with no assists, 900 degrees of rotation and sim steering forza 4 is up there with the best on consoles. PC sims are on another level compared with any console racer.

nerdeu1648d ago

It's still intriguing that PD can get the feeling also on the control pad with Gran Turismo 5 where Turn10 disappoints.

And it's still not so much about the control but more about the flow of the game. For me, the car is running through map while playing GT5 while it feels like the landscape is running underneath the car on Forza 4.

It's the theory of relatives that is playing with my brain and in some way Forza simply can't nail that part and I think it is due to the way the game is designed on a deep level. That's why GT feels more like a simulator and Forza is a step behind.

Me-Time1648d ago
MS is using a special USB and input protocol (XID) but more important they decided to use a completely different method of generating FF effects."

FM is a simulator, but... read what's in that link.
It's changing for the better with future FM titles.

nerdeu1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )


I'm glad for the news. Thanks for the info. That's a step in the right direction by MS. See - we gamers CAN get along. :)

BG115791648d ago

@Me-Time, it's me or did you put a link to a post from neogaf but from 2009?
Is this still reliable today? It does seem it needs an update, in mean, we are in 2013 today. just saying...

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Strikepackage Bravo1648d ago

Forza has more realistic points than GT, what your saying is completely backwards. The level of customization and the way said customization effects the cars performance, the sounds, the physics, the cockpit view in ALL the cars, even the damage model, are all more realistic on Forza, yet you delusional Playstation fans continue to pretend the opposite is true. The last GT was garbage, a jumbled mess of a game, with still too many Nissans, GT is and has been dead for some time now.

joeorc1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

@Strikepackage Bravo

"Forza has more realistic points than GT"

While I respect your Opinion, MANY OF THE CLAIMS that you and other's are making about GT, just do not seem to get it. example:

IGN's Douglass Perry stated "Forza is a force to be reckoned with, out-maneuvering GT4 in several respects, and beating out everything else in the sim department on Xbox, straight out.

there is a big problem, in the way this perception is drawn between both Forza AND gt. FOR ONE

YOUR GOAL IN gt IS NOT TO CRASH! KEY WORDS "NOT" if you do with anything more than a bump or a scrape here or there , your drive in the freaking race is over, because your going to be needing a new car!

why show it, if your going to need a new car anyway! its a Driving simulation...key word again is driving!

and in GT: the penalty for driving just to see the car all crushed, is quite crushing to your simulated driver's coffer's $$$$. the key is Not to freaking crash the [email protected] car. you can have all the best [email protected]

"even the damage model, are all more realistic on Forza"

And it shows more about the direction of development for the Game than what the blunt truth of the matter is.

IS Forza an arcade simulation or a freaking Driving simulation?

I have played both, and when i say this i say this with conviction, while Forza is a fantastic game at its heart its not a [email protected] Driving Sim.

While GT is!

FrigidDARKNESS1648d ago

You sound like a person that never played the game only reads negative articles from anti Forza fans.

strifeblade1648d ago

lol nerdeu, you obviously have not been playing the forza franchise to make that comment, forget the fact your previous comments show some heavy bias toward sony and your criticisms are unheard of (actually they are ridiculous), but i am going to let the internet do the job for me. Look at meta and every other rating site out there. Gran turismo averages 84% and was considered a disaster, uneven quality 200 cars? and 800 upscaled ps2 models? pathetic for a game so long in development only to be trumped by forza 3 and forza 4. You know how many people from gran turismo switched over to forza? You obviously have not been on the message boards. In most head to head comparisons by reputable sources almost always call forza the new king of sim racers. Even 2 polyphony digital devs were at a forza booth at e3 and one was playing while the other was taking notes! How about that? The king of all racers taking notes from forza? How do you explain that. Its no secret that forza 4 was arguably the top sim and gran turismo can only compare to forza 3, only the die hard delusional fanboys like you can say otherwise, or people that know more about brand loyalty than cars, its a sad state of affair really.

nerdeu1648d ago


You obviously read my previous comments with Xbot-eyes and I'm glad you took your precious time to get to "know" me. I actually do get a lot likes and I prefer to put in some joke-fanboyism here and there. But sincerely - I speak my mind and I'm not bashing Forza. I just say what I really feel when I compare the two games in terms of feeling to the road. I never said ANYTHING about "upscaled models", Metacritic etc. YOU brought that up and I guess you are the biased person in this topic. In fact, I used to own a 360 before I switched to the PS3 three years ago but I guess I'm a hardcore Sony-fanboy anyways in your eyes.

But hey ... as you said: I'm going to let the internet do the job for me ;)

kayoss1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Wow someone's mission today is to defend the mighty xbox today. Its funny you say Forza trumped GT. But in reality everyone in the world is playing GT and professional drivers are actually using GT to learn the courses and to teach student how to drive. Get this into your thick skull and stop calling people you dont know a fanboy. Forza is not a true Simulation. Its a mix between Arcade and sim. GT is a full on simulation with realistic physics and dynamics.
Nerdu is just stating his opinions about forza and he did not really say anything negative about Forza.

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Baka-akaB1648d ago

Well it's not as if Turn10 trash talking their competition a while ago exactly helped them , so yeah its better to just do your thing and let success comes naturally to it

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