Grand Theft Auto V PC Petition Surpasses 430,000 Signatures

The Petition that is urging Rockstar Games to release Grand Theft Auto V on PC has surpassed 430,000 signatures, showing that it is gaining momentum. At time of writing, 430,456 gamers had indicated their support for the Grand Theft Auto V PC port, with 69,544 more needed, to bring it up to 500,000, before the request is mailed out.

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hennessey861768d ago

Put me out of my misery, I had to sell my PS3 and 360 to fund my gaming PC. Kinda regretting doing that right now ha, I hope to god there is a PC version.

abzdine1768d ago

i dont know why people make petition about GTA for PC, it's gonna come to PC one day for sure. GTA cannot skip a PC release and millions of sales.

Grave1768d ago

Ya I agree. It might take a bit, but it will come.

The one that remains a mystery as to why it never came to PC is Red Dead Redemption. To me thats one of the biggest travesties of this generation.

abzdine1768d ago

oh yeah!! i forgot about RDR.. Too bad PC gamers couldn't play it, but i'm sure they did on PS3 or 360.

Plagasx1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Yea but it's all about when..Is it going to be 3 months from now? 6 months? a year?? I'd like to at least get a release date so I can know to hold off on the console version..

Grave1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

My personal stance is this:

I have a ps3 and pc. I am going to play the story missions on console and enjoy it a little to satisfy my needs, but when it comes out on pc I will enjoy it on my 3 monitor setup in all its glory. I will get 100% completion, gold on every mission, and play GTA online on pc.

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windblowsagain1768d ago

Of course GTA5 is coming to PC.

They just take their time about it.

ginsunuva1768d ago

They need to optimize it. Unlike that horrible gta4 port.

Tskales1768d ago


It's a shame that PC gamers get left behind like this. State Of Decay was another highly anticipated game with a delayed PC release.

Grave1768d ago

As soon as it was announced I stopped playing it, pc will rock.

hollabox1768d ago

Now the question is will 430,000 people legally purchase a PC copy of GTA 5? I smell bittorrent sites warming up their servers and fresh keygens right off the hackers fingertips rolling out.

hennessey861768d ago

There is no way I would pirate this game, I would gladly pay double what they are asking.

hollabox1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I'm the same way, the only game I've ever pirated was COD 2 back in college. I made this comment because the console versions out sold the PC version almost 10 to 1 based on reported sales figures I've seen. Anywho I would like to get this on the PC, besides Beyond 2 Souls I'm done with this generation current consoles.

Well if it comes out on the PS4 or XB1 I will probably pick up a copy. Saw too many issues with installing the whole game to hard drive to ignore for both consoles. I hate games spinning off the DVD/BR drives because of the noise even with the slim models of the X360 and PS3.

KonsoruMasuta1768d ago

The answer is no. Just the other day a PC player on here openly admitted pirating Rockstar's games. He got agrees and I got disagrees when I called him out on it.

VonBraunschweigg1768d ago

Yeah it's sad. I know the type. Never payed for GTA3, Vice City or San Andreas, justified pirating GTAIV because it wasn't up to their standards - but kept on playing it for months - and now signing a petition demanding more.

What can you do about it? Ask them to stop whining and start buying? Explain if you continue stealing stuff eventually isn't made anymore? Or just wish them good luck with their petitions for ports? Some work, some do not:) Or just keep it positive...the game is fun, and will be well worth the waiting. And don't bother telling us when it gets there, we all will have seen it by then.

Tskales1768d ago

I don't deal in pirated games for either my PC or 360.

Fishy Fingers1768d ago

GTA online will sway many wouldbe pirates to make a purchase.

People like to go on about PC piracy, but a big title like GTA would still be hugely profitable on PC.

despair1768d ago

You don't know how torrents and bittorrent sites work do you?

People over exaggerate the PC piracy because that's all they focus on, the sales are quite good for many games and even if the piracy rates are high it doesn't detract from that.

I am sure if (or rather when as it will come out) GTA V for PC is released it will surpass 3 million sales within a month. I for one will buy it and I am getting the PS3 version as well (damn international shipping).

hollabox1768d ago

GTA 4 on the PC didn't even crack 1 million sold. So I doubt the PC version will do 3 million in the first month. I guess you never read about how bad GTA 4 was pirated with the game being available on various torrent sites a week before the PC release.

Dude4201768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

1 million at retail genius. You're forgetting that there are also digital purchases, but distributors like Steam never release the amount of digital copies that are bought.

Also, a lot of games get pirated but still end up being successful. It just so happens that Rockstar made a crappy port.

despair1768d ago

@hollabox your numbers come from VGCHARTZ which is completely unreliable. Plus as Dude420 said digital sales are not included and digital sales account for most of the PC games sales.

hollabox1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Man please, I wonder how many of those maybe 1 million, maybe 700,000 retail copies were at full price? I got my copy for $27 after just a couple of months after PC release. You can't throw online sales into the mix until Steam, or whoever actually start reporting figures. Its just speculation, since no hard figures to go off regarding digital sales I'm going with the known, 700,000-1 million.

I can't stand how people just discounts certain websites if the number don't suit their needs. Oh you can't count on NPD, VGA, Forbes, whoever sales numbers because I say so. I know they do vary some because not all places report software sales. People also love to get units shipped confused with units sold to consumers.

Pandamobile1768d ago

A game sold on Steam for $30 still lands the developer more money than a $60 game at retail. It's all about margins, my friend.

VonBraunschweigg1768d ago

They want exact numbers Hollabox, they refuse to understand there's a connection between not buying the previous game and signing petitions for the next game. They fail to realise the big difference between piracy on PC and piracy on consoles. On console the vast majority buys the game, only a small minority plays an illegal version. On PC, it's the opposite. Sales on PC are poor compared to consoles and compared to the userbase...most people play GTA on PC, but R* gets most profit from consoles. It's true, but without exact numbers they just won't buy it. Sad. And now they wait. And disagree.

despair1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

VGCHARTZ pull their numbers out of thin air, I have never trusted them and no one should. They report certain sales numbers and when official numbers are released they hardly ever match. Check up the accuracy of their numbers and you will see for yourself.

Also you were the first to state that GTA IV on PC sold less than a million. I estimated it would sell a certain amount but never stated it as a fact (even though I said "I'm sure", its my opinion not a real sales number).

Also using reports that Digital Sales for PC games have continuously outsold Physical copies of the games and that can be extrapolated to a very popular game like GTA IV on PC. Below is the link to that 2010 report from NPD (and digital purchases have become even more popular since then). Oh and PC sales have been on the rise as well.

Finally Digital games can be discounted because there is no middle man (only the online store and the publisher), no physical copy costs,no fee to console creator like with MS and Sony and no used games problem.

The publisher makes much more from the games than they would with retail or console versions so discounts are possible. Since the production is essentially unlimited they can sell 10 million games at 1 dollar and make more money than 1/2 million games at 10 dollars with the same overhead.

Finally not quite sure how games shipped and sold came into this (with digital there is only sold) but yea I do see people getting those mixed up.

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Plagasx1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )


You DO know the console versions of this game was available on torrent sites 3 days before it came out, right??? Stop pretending like PC gamers are the only pirates out there. Console games get pirated just as much these days..

hollabox1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Not nearly as bad as PCs, harder to run pirated games as well without getting ban from online play. On top of that the consoles version outsold the PC versions almost ten to one. All I'm saying everybody is screaming about the PC version but the PC version comes out and it sales the least. Does it sell the least because of less PC gamers? Personal preference for console version? Or a good chunk of PC games are pirated?

Heck I've seen so many threads off various websites with people bragging about getting games for free and the community applauding them for it. Even on this site I see it, so is it wrong to say GTA5 will be pirated the most on the PC, and sell the least?

VonBraunschweigg1768d ago

Yes, GTA games suffer from piracy on pc and consoles, but you can't ignore the difference. On console the vast majority of fans buy the games, on pc only a small minority. No matter if it's considered a good or bad version. Hollabox is right, it's rediculous how on gamingwebsites pc gamers ignore or even justify the rampant piracy on their platform. It hurts the industry. It hurts their games, going from bad port (GTAIV) to no game at all (RDR). But poor sales on pc can't have anything to do with that. A negative ratio between sales and downloads can't have anything to do with that. It's those damn consoles holding us back. GTA started on pc so they must give us a version. GTA started on PC and R* should go back to pc and make the best possible GTA...I don't know who will do the funding, just give us our GTA. Pronto.

GTA started on pc, got big on consoles and now gets most of it's profit from consoles. Hence the focus is on consoles. Now don't feel bad or get mad, I do think we'll see a pc version along with nextgen console versions next year, so this is coming from a gamer who will probably buy 2 legal inferior consoleversions to fund many illegal superior pc versions;)

Just wait.

sorane1768d ago

^^ you two really make console players look bad......

Allsystemgamer1768d ago

You're aware ps3/360 games get pirated too right?

sorane1768d ago

I think you need to sit in a corner and get your facts straight before ever posting again. The nonsense spewing from your posts is just ridiculous. I don't see one thing you said that was actually right.

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nerdeu1768d ago

Funny how PC-gamers always are claiming they have the superior gaming hardware but they're whining to get their precious GTAV to the PC.

(Don't get mad. I also signed the petition because if the game comes to PC then it will also probably come to the next-gen consoles that are more similar to PC's in terms of architecture. I want the game to my future PS4.)

There are FIVE things I hope Rockstar improve in the next-gen version:

1. Less jaggies (better AA)
2. Better framerate (or atleast stable framerate WHETHER you drive a car fast or you are in a gunfight)
3. Better textures (allround on the map)
4. Better drawdistance (even though the draw distance is CRAZY good for these current-gen consoles)
5. Higher resolution but not necessarily 1080p since the framerate is more important. If I can have 1080p/60fps then why not? ;)

What do you guys think?

Perjoss1768d ago

Rockstar have never been interested in 60 frames on consoles. More likely you will see better draw distance and perhaps improved shadows, lighting and textures. They could also change a few things like up the pedestrian count and have more stuff around like trash and other types of world 'decoration'. All depends on how much effort they are willing to put into a next gen version.

It would not surprise me though for them to skip 5 for next gen and rather release a couple of .5 games like they did with vice city and san andreas, which were essentially games based on the GTA 3 engine.

Next gen will have crappy install base for the first few months so I don't see why Rockstar would be in a hirry to release a game like GTA so quickly onto the systems.

nerdeu1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Hopefully Rockstar then will make a version that is in many ways superior. 60 fps is maybe too much for such a huge world but 45 fps might be achievable. I agree with the pedestrian count and all other types of world decoration that can be put in with the new hardware in their hands. They could also put in some new animations with more RAM in their hands (like EA Sports did with the next-gen versions of FIFA) or why not make more buildings accessible/put in even more mini-games? Just some thoughts.

I am really excited that even though GTAV is an incredible world there's still room for improvement/extras and that is a good sign for Rockstar. If they dropped the game in, let's say, a year from now on the PS4 I would definitely buy both the console and the game on the same day.

VonBraunschweigg1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I would like to see R* start all over next gen. New generation, new hardware, new engine, new game. GTA VI in 2016 or 2017, when there's enough PS4's and X1's sold to be sure they can make a profit. The investment will have to be hughe, we will expect a lot nextgen. I think a port will not live up to the expectations and more importantly, we will already have played the entire game by then. That's the main reason I would like to see them start over nextgen. In the meantime, RDR and The Warriors could use a sequel.

AliC1768d ago

People seem to forget the reason why its on PS3/XBOX360 first is that Rockstar want to make as much money as possible back before releasing a PC version

Consoles hold a much greater market I am afraid.

Will GTA5 comes to the PC, of course it will just not straight away much like GTA4 (Plus the PC will get a much better game at the end of the day)

nerdeu1768d ago

That's true. They made the biggest investment in world history of gaming and if they announced the game for PS4 and Xbox One they would've probably lost many sales (which means: less profit). There are about 160 million consoles marked PS3 and X360 right now. A fifth of those will play GTAV in the next 1 or 2 years. That's amazing!

Allsystemgamer1768d ago

I just hope it's better optimized than IV was for PC. It was so unplayable on some machines.

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