Rockstar Handling GTA V Social Club Issues Along With iFruit Companion App

Rockstar is on the case in regards to handling the Rockstar Social Club Issue

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RE_L_MAYER1707d ago

And fix the garage problems people having

likeaboss3021707d ago

Didn't they delay it from earlier in the year to polish the game?

jackanderson19851707d ago

i must be one of the luckiest b**tards in the world... i don't think i've ever run into issues like most people seem to be having in relation to new game releases

Septic1707d ago

I want the iFruit companion app to be available on android. I want to pick my custom licence plate before someone takes the name!

jackanderson19851707d ago

what name would that be.... for science purposes only

Outsider-G1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Do you think that's a mistake on Rockstar's part? I mean it should have released on both iOS and Android at the same time.

Also, you only get to change your license plate once.

Redrever1707d ago

i have some social club picture saving issues. i don't have a smart phone to try out the app.

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