A Nostalgic Soundtrack for an Old Classic

BT writes: To put it mildly, gaming can be a very divisive medium amongst its fans. Every single gamer out there generally has strong-set and different opinions on any number of topics, from which development companies deserve scorn to which games should be held up as classics. However, despite all the varying opinions, there are a few things that the vast majority of gamers appear to agree on. For example, most agree that the subject for today’s article, Super Mario 64, is one of the most important landmarks in gaming and a true classic in every sense of the word. With such a reputation, it’s only natural that the music would be equally classic, and it most certainly is.

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Pozzle1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

I'm happy Dire Dire Docks was mentioned. That was a really beautiful track.

Whenever I think of the tune in my head, my mind always inserts Mario's "Ima tired....yaaaaaawn" into it because I'd spend so long standing there just listening to Dire Dire Docks that Mario would get bored and fall asleep. lol

jcnba281766d ago

Dire Dire Docks is so good.