Grand Theft Auto V Review: The Best Game Ever? | The Daily Beast

He shoots, he speeds, he scores. Winston Ross gets his hands on the hot new videogame Grand Theft Auto V and loves every minute of it.

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DoctorJones1791d ago

The Best Game Ever?

Yes, it is imo.

GarrusVakarian1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

One of the best games ive ever played, and ive only been playing it for two days. Ive never seen effort and detail in a game like this before.


Haha, yeah im only on N4G because my pad needs charging XD. As soon as that's done, straight back to Los Santos.

DoctorJones1791d ago

I'm only off it because my missus is commanding the tv at the moment lol. I haven't enjoyed a game like this since San Andreas, this game beats the crap out of it.

It's amazing what they've done with this game. Simply astounding.

FriedGoat1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

It's a great game, no doubt about that. Best ever? No. I was actually more enthralled in the last of us in my first 2 days of playing than GTA 5s first 2.
I think JoGam below me sums it up pretty well, I just don't get that feeling with GTA 5, not that same feeling of awe I had with TLOU. Maybe the open world format is stale in my mind from saints row, just cause and all the others.

Saying that though, I have I commend them on how huge the game is, and how damn hillariious it is at times.

JoGam1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

No not the best game I ever played. I understand the hype around GTA V but to say its the best game Ive played tons of games and games if done right gives you a feeling. A feeling that is unforgetable. GTA V is a awesome game but that feeling I already had with previous versions. GTA V just took the series to a new level. The best Open world game I've played.

GarrusVakarian1791d ago

I know exactly what feeling you are talking about and ive been feeling it the entire time ive been playing GTA5. Its all opinion anyway, to some it will be the best game ever to others just another game.

DKSP1611791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Best game ever? Not even close...

solidworm1791d ago

Embarrassing claim. As a gamer of over 25 years this kind of lazy journalism depresses me.

DoctorJones1791d ago

Only 25 years? Lol, noob.

solidworm1790d ago

Ironic much, you think this is the best game ever. Lol gamer education required pmsl.

Zodiac1791d ago

I'm really enjoying the game, but there are a few things i liked better about GTA 4, and GTA 4 is nowhere on my greatest games list, so this one cannot be the best game ever, imo.

There are few games where i don't think they are perfect, but i can see why other may think so. Only a few select games, or select games in a franchise can do that to me, and this is one of them.

Sketchy_Galore1791d ago

Most things about it are absolutely the best we've seen in a GTA game yet. I haven't been as impressed by any game in the series since I first climbed into that car in Vice city and heard Billie Jean start up.

My one problem with it, and sadly the one thing I was most worried about before playing is that like GTA4 it can look extremely grainy and as if there's no anti-aliasing. I'm not even sure if this is just something to do with my settings or what because the videos I have watched, even unofficial YouTube uploads, don't look nearly as bad, I haven't seen anybody else mention it and at points it does get to a really bad level. I'm playing on a PS3 via disc so it can't be the shadow/pop in thing I've heard about, I haven't noticed any of that, just really pixelated edges on everything to a level that sometimes gets distracting.

MRMagoo1231791d ago

doesnt sound like the game at all, i havent seen that once yet.

Sketchy_Galore1791d ago

Actually I had been googling the wrong terms, it turns out there were more people having this problem but that is is easily remedied for the most part by adjusting TV settings. It looks great now, just makes me wish I had done this sooner because I've had this problem to some degree in many games before.

MRMagoo1231791d ago

Well i am glad you found the solution, it sounded like a bit of a downer when trying to appreciate open worlds to be attacked visually by pixels all over the place :)

g-nome1790d ago

Don't set your tv to sharpen edges , can make games look a lot worse. In fact for games tv's should have the least possible post processing to look the best.

Sketchy_Galore1790d ago

This might be a bit late but thanks for the advice. The main problem seemed to be some option on my fancy TV I didn't even know was there that makes the black tones blacker than black. I turned that off and everything looks unbelievably better but I turned off more things on your advice about less post processing and unless I'm imagining it looks even better so yeah thanks again.

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