Review: Beautiful storyline, perfect mechanics - GTA V is the grandest game yet | Independent

It is also still eye-poppingly violent, but you will really want to play it.

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Death1826d ago

I really need to focus on the storyline. Every time I try to play mayhem follows and I get nothing accomplished. I have fun getting nothing done though so I can't complain. :)

NeXXXuS1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

I remember my cousin getting San Andreas when her and I were about 14 years old, and her dad didn't know anything about game ratings. She walked into the police station and grabbed the purple shlong and started beating hookers and old ladies with it. Hilarity ensued.

I'll have to get this game when I can since some of my friends have it and they all say it's amazing.:)

Lord_Sloth1826d ago

Now if only I didn't have to mash X to sprint and hold it to run. Seriously, why can't the analog stick dictate walking and running like it does in most anyother game?