No plans for GTA VI on PS4 yet, says Rockstar

PSU writes:

"Rockstar’s Dan Houser has said that while the company is definitely interested in the prospect of new hardware, it doesn’t have plans to take the Grand Theft Auto franchise to PlayStation 4 just yet."

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jonnyvito1706d ago

hmmm...surely it's coming.

xHeavYx1705d ago

Give it a year or two and I'm sure we will see either "GTAV remastered" or "GTA Next Gen"

abzdine1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

if they make a PC version they can make it for PS4.

and they have no plans just like they had no plans to bring GTA4 DLC to PS3?

inveni01705d ago

The demand for these games drops too quickly for them to wait too long. Look how long we had to wait to get GTA3 on this gen's hardware. And by then, we weren't really interested. (I wasn't at least...even though I bought Vice City on Steam for like $2.50)

mewhy321705d ago

Well I hope that it does. But if it does I hope that it doesn't fall victim to the lowest common denominator symdrome. Lets hope that the PS4 version is not held back by the bone's inferior hardware.

guitarded771705d ago

Yeah... it's coming. Don't know how long it will be, but it's coming... and I'll rebuy it for PS4 with all the DLC when it comes out. The game is amazing.

Undead Los Santos could be cool for DLC. I know zombies are played out, but Los Santos is a playground meant to be filled with the undead.

Regis1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )


Dude give it a rest and shut the hell up I'm tired of all your trolling or attacking on peoples choices. Before anyone says I'm not buying a "PS4" please go off yourself you are not me, you don't know me, and I'm buying the PS4 regardless if it has better specs.

thechosenone1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Check the source, they're actually talking about GTA 6 not 5.
"GTA 5 is coming at the end of the console cycle. Does the advance of technology interest you? Do you think, 'Oh wow, what will GTA 6 look like on a PS4?'

Of course we're interested. But no, not in terms of GTA, because we're always working on the current game. We look at the tech at a more practical level: what will be ready for which game that we're working on further down the line. We don't have another GTA in development, we don't work on three of these games at a time. That would be phenomenally depressing. So, in terms of GTA, no. We get pitched by the hardware manufacturers on what they're planning to do and our tech guys come up with ideas on how that could be used. Does this influence design decisions? Of course. But we're not sat there fantasising about 10 years down the line. We're so busy with what we're doing right now."

mkis0071705d ago

@ thechosenone, haha hey you are 100% correct. Wow that is is some writing there. How was this approved?

SolidStoner1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

lol, didnt see that coming.. but why not? it would be perfect game on perfect console.. damn...

maybe R* want's to keep the name "the one and only best looking game of this gen"?

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DOMination-1705d ago

XB1 exclusive next gen confirmed!!!

vigilante_man1705d ago

You never know with Rockstar!!

I hope we do NOT get GTA V for XB1/PS4. It will be a port with better graphics. Rather have a pure next-gen only game. Imagine what world they could create with the much Ram!

Perjoss1705d ago

"Imagine what world they could create with the much Ram!"

Its quite scary, as if GTA IV and V aren't impressive enough already (considering the current limitations of the hardware and how old it is).

Abdou0231705d ago

They will Bring GTA Online to it, not V

RonRico1705d ago

Exactly. I think the GTAonline will become the future for the series also.

SpideySpeakz1705d ago

All you fortune tellers on N4G amaze me.

joab7771705d ago

A game that sold this many copies is comimg to next gen...Sony and Microsoft will make sure. That and they r not stupid. They r not gonna show their hand b/c they want everyone to buy it now. They will do lile pc and release like a goty edition in a year or so. No way that they don't take advantage of the money they can make.

justSumDood1705d ago

Speaking as a long time TakeTwo stockholder id be extremely surprised and quite upset if they DIDNT bring gta5/online to next gen and pc.
Hundreds of millions of dollars in gross revenue is waiting for us there.

To everyone else: come on people, exercise a little common sense.

Faztkiller1705d ago

I hope cant really appreciate the beauty with these consoles.

Cyfyxtfg1705d ago

Its prob true. Theyre just gonna bring GTA Online to next gen. Thats smarter and more cost effective

colonel1791705d ago

I would prefer if they do GTA VI in 3 or 4 years instead of rereleasing GTA V for PS4. A true next gen GTA would be much better, even if we have to wait a lot of time.

Deadpoolio1705d ago

I wonder how many more times are they going to have to say that there is going to be NO PS4 version before people finally believe it.....Why would they want to spend 4 years making a game to have to turn around and re-code it for the next gen consoles.....

It sucks for those who have to trade their current consoles but not everyone is, this is like the 5th time i've heard of them coming out and saying there are NOT going to be next gen versions.

fullymoated1705d ago

Why would they want to re-code a game that will sell millions of copies at $60? Is that a rhetorical question?

Faztkiller1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Why would they want GTA online on old consoles if they plan to support it like they say? When the PS4 comes out I'll probably never play it if its not on the ps4

cyguration1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Dude, this article LIES big time.

They said NO GTA 6 ON PS4 in the original interview. They weren't even talking about GTA 5.

This site rearranged the wording to make it like they were talking about GTA 5 and pulled a click-bait and you fell for it.

AKS1705d ago

If they make a PC version, and they have eventually made PC versions of all the recent GTA games and expansions, how much additional work would be required to make PS4 and Xbone versions? The next generation consoles have been reported to be much easier to work with in terms of development.

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titletownrelo1705d ago

they will. just think of all the $$$ they could get

showtimefolks1705d ago

its RS they didn't jump on HD collection and are not known for making ports

i kind of believe RS, but if there is a pc version than i am pretty sure we will see it on next gen consoles. game just made $800 on day one sales alone and it hasn't even launched in japan or Brazil,

and Analyst said GTA5 would make i billion in one month lol, $800 million day one

WitWolfy1705d ago

"RS they didn't jump on HD collection and are not known for making ports"

LOL! Those Android and iOS 10 year anniversary additions say hi.

just-joe1705d ago

If it is, they won't announce it now, and don't call me surely.

assdan1705d ago

I doubt it. I take what rockstar says at face value. If they don't plan on making it on ps4, that would make sense. They probably thought about it, but still.

solar1705d ago


hellzsupernova1705d ago

Note the just yet part
I bet either before Xmas or start of 2014 it will be there. No doubt in my mind.
And I will buy it again

3-4-51705d ago

the share button was made for this game!

SirBradders1705d ago

There lying ive already been told by major retailers they stocked more ps3 copies because they are doing the upgrade program for a couple of pound.

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Muffins12231706d ago

Omfg 6 months from now we better have gta 5 on pc or ps4 or im gonna loose it.

nerdeu1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

I would probably say 9-12 months since they want an increased fanbase and not fail to port the game like they did last time. Besides hopefully it will be a improved game (more decorations and animations) on all aspects even though it's awesome right now.
There are FIVE things I hope Rockstar improve in the next-gen version:

1. Less jaggies (better AA)
2. Better framerate (or atleast stable framerate WHETHER you drive a car fast or you are in a gunfight)
3. Better textures (allround on the map)
4. Better drawdistance (even though the draw distance is CRAZY good for these current-gen consoles)
5. Higher resolution but not necessarily 1080p since the framerate is more important. 45fps/1080p sounds possible maybe?

sourav931705d ago

45fps would mean crazy screen tearing.

HeyImBen111705d ago

45 fps??? 30 or 60, there's no other option.

Deadpoolio1705d ago

They aren't going to do it..I mean damn this is literally the 5th time I've seen them say NO there will not be a PS4 version....Seriously it's time to move on they obviously have no interest in it....The 360/PS3 versions were in development for 4-5 years, They want to move on

Chucky20031705d ago

Red Dead Redemption didn't come to PC till now,and that game also had files with the code for PC

Pandamobile1705d ago

Every other GTA game has come to PC.

Angels37851705d ago

Since when is it on pc?????

OpenGL1705d ago

RDR is only on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Plagasx1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

RDR was made by Rockstar San Diego...They barely put out PC ports...

GTA V was made by Rockstar North..and every single major GTA title made by them has released on PC.

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Jeedai Infidel1705d ago

I'm playin GTA5 now and it looks great and is a blast, I don't need it again 6 months later. Instead, I am hopeful we get a next-gen Red Dead game in a year or so.

Bundi1706d ago

Not exactly going to tell people to pretty much wait for the next gen version now is he?

KonsoruMasuta1705d ago

Or they actually have no plans for a next gen version of V. Sometimes things are just how they sound.

Maybe they want to move on to a game that is built around and can fully take advantage of next gen consoles.

They did start working on V right after 4 was finished, after all.

silvacrest1705d ago

even if everything you said is true, from a financial standpoint it makes no sense

KonsoruMasuta1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Silvacrest, by the time a new GTA comes out for next gen the install base will be big enough to profit from.

You won't be seeing a new game in this franchise for another 4-5 years. They started GTA V roughly around late 2008 and early 2009.

silvacrest1705d ago

but they could profit from the current GTA in a year to 5 months from now on the PS4/xbone

as far as i can see there is no downside to that, especially since the next gen consoles will have a limited amount of launch titles

GuyThatMakesSense1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

I would agree with you if it weren't for the fact that they said "we don't have plans for gta 6 (SIX!!) on Ps4" They said nothing about V. Read the article again and you'll see.

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Deadpoolio1705d ago

There isn't a next gen version, they have no desire to have next gen versions...It's time to move on with life, just like they want to move on. This is literally the 5th time I've read it....There are NOT going to be PS4/One80 versions.....It's going to end with PC, live in the now

nerdeu1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Because it's only coming to the Xbox One .. which has POWAAAH OF THE CLOOOWWWD and ROCKET SCIENCE LEVEL STUFF B-)

(cool of guys ... I'm just kidding. Have a sense of humor. I'm not a fanboy but I like to fool around with the fact that I am one xD)

okmrman1705d ago

youre obsessed with the xbox one

or maybe youre lacking attention at home

nerdeu1705d ago


Or maybe you're just overreacting and can't take stuff with a pinch of salt?
Just sayin'. Don't get mad, bro. It's called "humor".

Regis1705d ago

Its hard to tell whats humor and whats trolling on the internet.

Vaud-Villian1705d ago

Give em a break they couldn't even get online ready for release.

WitWolfy1705d ago

True true, these guys already have A LOT on their plates as it is, probably already hard at work preparing the first patch to fix minor glitches.