Meryl Voice Actor on David Hayter Not Playing Snake in MGS 5: “What the F**k is Going on?”

So yes, be assured that the reasons for Hayter not playing Snake are still very much up in the air.

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Zefros1794d ago

He probably is in the game, but NOT as BIG BOSS, probably as Solid Snake.

KonsoruMasuta1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

It wouldn't make sense if Snake was in the game.

The time line is way off.

Minato-Namikaze1794d ago

Isnt Liquid supposedly in the game?

crxss1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Snake is in the game... Punished Snake. It's looking like Eli aka Liquid is definitely going to be there. Not sure if David aka Solid will be in the game but it makes sense to have him if Liquid's in it. Hopefully there's a scene in the future that has Solid in his younger years (around MG1) and is voiced by Hayter. Wouldn't make sense to have a kid Solid Snake being voiced by Hayter.

Also I'm thinking that IGN should have asked her what she thought about Hayter not reprising his role as Big Boss not Solid Snake. Hayter IS Solid Snake. Now that Big Boss is older it makes sense to have a different voice actor since they did that in mgs4. One could argue that mgs3 was a simulation being run by solid snake as well... but that one's a little out there

Irishguy951794d ago

Kojima be trolling, all you gotta do is pay attention. Kojima's 'giant surprise' has been figured out already. Unless Kojima wants to **** up the time line himself.

shaft01401794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

It's speculated that Liquid is in the game, but the guy we think is Liquid is some teen we saw on the trailer. That would make Solid Snake the same age as a teen.

If Solid Snake was in the game, I doubt "teen-snake" would have David Hayter's voice.

Tapioca Cold1793d ago

Author, herre s whats going on: your acting like childish bedwetter. Man up snd quit whining like a sissy. No one cares.

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WitWolfy1794d ago

Biggest cover up ever, or biggest middle finger FU in recent years to fans?

-Foxtrot1794d ago

We'll soon see...if it's the second one then Kojima is officially a massive douche bag and I hope he gets called out over it.

Joe9131793d ago

Has anyone even read the article better yet has anyone watched the video? Well I did and it is very interesting first and foremost according to her David Hayter lied about giving up his money to do the twin snakes game she did not say he lied she just told a different story making him a liar she said he demanded more money when kojima said no he refused to do the game told them to try and find a better voice they could not so they paid him more. So maybe since then Kojima been trying to replace him and Kevin Feige basically found someone for him cause they could not find a American that can do a gruff voice but that would make Kojima the nice guy cause he could have called Hayter out for being greedy. I bet you he demanded more money again but they found someone else this time then took to twitter like as a last resort so all you ppl out here not going to buy the game for Hayter you are being used open your eyes watch the up at noon video if you think I’m lying she said it with her own mouth what really happened.

-Foxtrot1793d ago

Mate if he was asking for more money then why did they get Kiefer Suthland, a high profile actor. David Hayter would of been cheaper and Hayter is a bit of an actor as well so he could of done the mo cap. Besides he should of done away with the Japanese voice actor. Theres a bigger fanbase for him then the Japanese one

extermin8or1793d ago

@joe go reread the article she isnt talking about twin snakes... but they rerecorded the audio for mgs1 all those years ago and werent going to pay the voice actors for the rerecording they were choosing todo. So he demanded to be paid for the time soent doing that which tbh is perfectly fair I think? So I got from that they initially offered to pay him less than they normally would the same as like aby other voice actor in the world who doesnt have experience etc behind them. She also states that they deserved pay for that work AND that it was over 15 years ago... that isnt the reason and if he had demanded more money which I doubt then why was he so clearly out of the know when mgs5 was revealles...

SnakeCQC1794d ago

I know right. I still cant believe they used kiefer

KrimsonKody1794d ago

Where's the bom...uh-hmm,
I mean, where's the Metal Gear!?

theoriginaldon1794d ago

this game is based on naked snake when he turns to big boss in the late 80s right before solid snake xD SO I BELEAVE WISHFULL THINKING THATY THEY ARE REDOING ALL THE MGS SERIES THAT WOULD BE AMAZING

Joe9131793d ago

Maybe he would redo the Metal Gear games but I doubt he go all the way to Metal Gear 4 I would be so pissed.

ZHZ901794d ago

I was shocked when I saw Kiefer(Star of 24 series)(Or someone else instead of Hayter in general) is voicing Snake instead of Hayter.

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