Gran Turismo 6 will have a large day one patch

Following news on GT6's audio issues, Kazunori Yamauchi announces a day-one patch to update other features.

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theWB271768d ago

One less stone to be thrown Forza's way. He just freely admitted we won't be receiving anywhere near a complete Gran Turismo out of the box anymore.


DigitalAnalog1768d ago

An "incomplete" GT that has more features than Forza. But hey, it's not like the simulation and racing aspect is taken away.

theWB271768d ago

Please...please name these features that outweigh Forza. I beg you to do so.

Boody-Bandit1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

"please name these features"

Variable surfaces, variable weather, wider array of events, Dusk, Day, Dawn, Night time racing.

Those are some of the features, as a Forza fan, I have been waiting on for years.

yewles11768d ago


Don't forget track editor and the real time data logger for real life cars.

Boody-Bandit1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )


Dang how could I forget that? Track editor could lead to virtually unlimited options and diversity if it's done right. I am really looking forward to next gen but GT6 will get a lot of play time on my rig over the next couple years.

I'm already looking forward to a GT game on the PS4. There are already rumors circulating that we wont have to wait long.

DigitalAnalog1768d ago

Kart Racing & Rally as well. BTW, I've heard the AI companion in the Rally actually marked down the mathematical formulas in real-time. I need more verification.

Oh, and doesn't GT6 have that Spain area for racing customization for online? Jesus, this is not even part of the "update" you hold on to so pathetically. Please, tell us how Forza is driving the simulation series forward when all they do is play it safe? *pun intended*

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fsfsxii1768d ago

So, basically, Forza is bettuh than GT cuz of an update...
I don't even...

theWB271768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

If you think it's simply an update then you're pretty far behind.

It's the fact that after 8 years majority of the game isn't PS3 assets, still after 8 years engine sounds haven't been fixed, still after 8 years he's guaranteeing GT will NOT ship as a full on PS3 title. After 8 years the online isn't as robust as Forza 3. Tuning and customization...

It should bother anyone who supports GT, regardless of Forza, to know Polyphony is releasing games that require over 20 gigs worth of updates and it's going to continue to be that way.

IDK know of any other game on consoles that gets a pass for releasing the way GT5 did coupled with the dev time and now GT6 still, still isn't a full on PS3 game. After 8 years development.

Yes...Forza is a better in it's totality because of this.

Yes Forza has a day one update. The X1 was built as an always online machine. All throughout dev time Turn10 built their schedule around knowing this was the case...a few months ago that changed and you still need the update.

A few months doesn't begin to compare to having a full generation 8+ years, 2 games and 1 glorified demo, and still not have a full on complete PS3 game.

jimbobwahey1768d ago

Forza 5 requires a day 1 patch also. Turn 10 admitted that without it, you can't even complete the singleplayer career mode because the game that's being shipped is so incomplete and missing content.

Comparatively, PD "think" that they will release a day 1 patch to update the multiplayer portion of the game.

So how do they stack up? Without the day 1 patch Forza 5 is a genuinely unfinished product that you will be unable to complete. Comparatively, GT6 will maintain full functionality and provide a complete experience, only requiring an update if you plan on touching the multiplayer aspect of the game.

yewles11768d ago

"If you think it's simply an update then you're pretty far behind."

You're right. In comparison, Forza's patch literally IS the rest of the game; cars, A.I. AND campaign.

Ketzicorn1768d ago

Doesn't Forza also have a large Day 1 update?

doctorstrange1768d ago

Well the Xbox One itself does, so Forza's completely unplayable without one burst of internetness

GABRIEL10301768d ago

features that outweigh Forza

Day night cycle, weather effects like rain for example, 50 tracks.

neoMAXMLC1768d ago

5 games and a new console and we STILL don't have night racing.
5 games and a new console and we STILL don't have weather.
5 games and a new console and we STILL don't have dirt racing.
5 games and a new console and we STILL have 30FPS reflections and static lighting.

In case you're wondering. I was talking about Forza.

Don't even pretend like this little quirk would give Forza a chance to crush the Gran Turismo series. Not even close. Despite its "unfinished" state, Gran Turismo is still FAR more robust than Forza has ever been.

1768d ago
neoMAXMLC1768d ago

Sounds like you can't read very well.

Forza 5 still refreshes reflections at 30FPS. Keyword: reflections
It's quite a big distraction especially for the in car view.

Forza Horizon shouldn't even be classed as a Forza game. It's extremely arcadey.. oh, and it runs at 30FPS.

Project Gotham Racing? Again, an arcadey 30FPS racer that shouldn't even be compared here.
lol A "gimmick." Okay, I guess formula 1 is just a gimmick as well.

Sure, as long as we also talk about wheel support. :)

rezzah1768d ago

So what's your response to the replies that brought up features of GT that outweigh Forza?

theWB271768d ago

Rivals Mode
Car Club
Engine swaps
Custom Liveries
Forza4- HDR lighting not static
Forza 5 lighting-
Not static
Ability to sell custom tuning options along with paint jobs
Every car made for the system it's on
Top Gear integration
Tire deformation
Actual damage system
80 difference manufacturers
Steady flow of downloadable cars
The ability to race with every single car out of the box
Interior view for EVERY car in the game
More diverse, better sounding engine sounds
Made even better with dedicated servers and Cloud AI.
Aussie cars
Open wheel cars
Euro, American, Asian...hell they even had the BTTF car in the Delorean and the reasonably priced car along with the exact camera angles from the TG show.
Forza encourages you to buy a car, love a car, race a car and build it up as much as you want. It caters to the cars YOU want to drive...not the other way around like GT.

Keep going?

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InsaneGam3r1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

They done it again! LAZY DEVELOPERS....

Gabrielgt1768d ago

I dont have internet in my house.well i play gran turismo witout patch

jay21768d ago

Lazy ass devs need to buck their ideas up and release complete games, peed off with these patches, a couple of weeks delay might be needed but a

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