This is what turning on your PS4 looks like

An online gif has surfaced that shows us what the PlayStation 4's start procedure looks like, and it doesn't disappoint!

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WorldGamer1830d ago

Tight. Will look very nice in my living room. And the world rejoices..... well, PS fans rejoice at least. lol.

Good times ahead.

crxss1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

I'm really going to miss the orchestra from the ps3 startup. I can tell that the ps4 startup is going to have a different jingle from a fresh boot and may not even have it when you wake it from sleep. I can remember back in 2006 it was so effing classy of Sony haha, like Gran Turismo in an OS.

ajkula1829d ago

i agree with you, the ps3 start up music was nice and classy, but we haven't seen and heard the PS4's yet....

Rikuson11829d ago

The Ps4's boot up introduction will basically be the same as the Vita. A black screen with the white Ps Logo behind it. Then it'll take you to your user login page. The first time you start it up we may get a crazy montage introduction like on the Vita. But you wouldn't see anything extremely unique about turning on your Ps4 on an everyday basis

THamm1829d ago

Mattrix saying NOOOOOO!!....

Gekko361829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

@All They've nicked the blue glow of the Wii's fanny slot.

Also can't help but notice it's bigger than people made out.

Smaller than the Praystation 3 but still a bit big. Yes the Xbox One is bigger but not by much.

Also the power button it a pain inthe hole too. I much prefer "Xbox On". Pointless I agree, but cool non-the-less

Fishy Fingers1829d ago

I usually just turn on the console by pressing the button on the pad that's in my hands. My "hole" remains pain free.

Gekko361829d ago

@Fishy Fingers

well I'll get to conserve energy and just use my mouth.

"My "hole" remains pain free" REALLY?, you must tell me what pain medication you use!

TheRacingX1829d ago

I don't looks as tall and think as an original PS2, but it does look longer (depth front to back)....we'll all see on 11/15

crxss1829d ago

It's a tad longer than the first ps3 slim in terms of depth.

Gekko361829d ago


Last time I checked there isn't 15 months in a year :p

TheRacingX1829d ago


sorry , but us Yanks put the month 1st on this side of the pond...hence we say November 15th....


Hicken1829d ago

So the PS4 is smaller than the PS3 and it's too big... but the XB1 is larger than the PS3, and it's not so bad?

And yes, pointless. Your whole comment is pointless. The power button is a pain? That's called "reaching." When you don't have legitimate complaints about something, you REACH for something small and try to make it a big deal.

Like the power button.


Ripsta7th1829d ago

See no one was saying that until you brought it up

Hicken1829d ago

Antonio Banderas having an orgasm when you turn the PS4 on is classic... as long as he doesn't do it in my room... or my car... or my girlfriend.

ajkula1829d ago

beautiful! I like it~

raresteak1829d ago

Been circulating NeoGAF for ages now.