Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm site goes live, (password revealed)

well, i guess we all knew anyway but, the website

went live today, the timer was counting down till then.

The site has new screenshots, and some new info. If youve been tracking this game go check it out (obviously)

and for thoose of you stuck on the password its: Tiger Tiger Dragon

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himdeel3810d ago

I think I just decided to buy this game.

shine13963810d ago

me too...(comes back running from the shops) is this coming out again..?

PS3GamerFix3810d ago

From the screenshots it would seem this game is the exact same game as the one on the 360. Is it or not?

Superiorrior3810d ago

Uh... I guess you haven't seen the trailer then.

crunchie1013810d ago

at first I thought they looked identical, but if you look at the character models, you'll see they're way better on this than Rise of a Ninja

Marceles3810d ago

Bandai Namco did a WAY better job than Ubisoft...just goes to show you what kind of devs you're dealing with. Soul Calibur 4, Tekken 6, Dragonball Burst Limit, and now this...they're doing a really good job

OoLegendoO3810d ago

Awesome. Love Naruto, thank god its for ps3.

nutjuice3810d ago

just like it. exactly. I don't care what anybody says. This is the anime and not a game. Some people were saying Gran Turismo 5 looked real, but come on, this has me stuck. I honestly see no difference and even though I'm sort of tired of Naruto games because I've had a Japanese Gamecube since launch with all the Naruto games throughout the years. I have to admit this is the "Ultimate"