Knack Has the, Er, Knack to Appeal to a Global Audience

While the game has improved visually since its initial unveiling, Knack has been criticised for looking a little, well, bland. Despite being pitched as the PlayStation 4’s answer to Crash Bandicoot, the next generation exclusive lacks the personality that made the Naughty Dog developed favourite an instant classic. That may be because the release has been designed with an international audience in mind, as game director Mark Cerny explained in an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine.

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Big_B0SS1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

I am still baffled as to how Sony makes money from some 1st party games when they appear on PS+ 3 to 6 month down the line.

Knack for sure will be on PS+ so dont why someone would buy it instead of waiting some months to get it free.

Sony should have just bundled this game with every PS4 console...I miss the good old days when it was mandatory for a game to be included with your console.

sinncross1709d ago

they make the money off ppl buying PS+

1709d ago
AceofStaves1709d ago

Knack is a great example of counter-programming. Since the launch window is filled with titles that appeal to a T to M audience, Sony is smart to have something geared more toward younger players and a family experience.

I'm looking forward to picking up Knack, especially if it retails for around $40.

Thehyph1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

I'm in, too. I don't think that sales will be bad, either. It's family friendly and it's on the cheaper system. If the game is in that lower price range then it could be a Christmas hit. I never saw anything about the price, but Sly Cooper and the new Ratchet & Clank are both at the cheaper price point.

I love Sony's stable of 3D action platformers.

Edit: This game could be a little charmer. Who knows? By now we all have a good idea of what it looks and plays like. There's a lot of talent behind this game though. A few fun surprises and an endearing story could make a memorable game out of it. Again, who knows?

theXtReMe11709d ago

I feel the same as the article. There is something very average about the character and the gameplay. It's just so simple and dumbed down. One button push for damn near everything. It's almost as if they made a game for two-year-olds. Totally overlooking the core gamers who love great platformers. A genre that is readily dismissed by the development community as unimportant and not worth the investment.

I laugh at the development community because of this, because all they have to do is release it for $10 on the indie marketplace and they will have a hit. You dont need $100 million worth of development to make a game like this. They can set aside 10 people or less out of their development department. One artist, one programmer, one sound tech, a level designer and a writer.

I did notice recently that they pushed the visuals more towards photorealistic for the backgrounds, it still doesn't excuse the fact that they are making the gameplay so simplistic. At least add a couple more different button pushes to add some variety and complexity.

I want to like this game. The child inside me loves platformers with a console release. But I'm not sure why Cerny decided to put this games gameplay on the level that even a two-year-old would get bored with it. This game would've been a perfect opportunity to use the touch interface for interesting gameplay variations. You would figure he would want to lead the charge on interesting ways to use it. I guess we'll see at launch if his decisions pan out. I want to play the game, but will not pay $60 for it. It seems like something that will be free on PS plus in a month or so after launch. My guess is it will be free on Christmas morning.