What caused the Navy Yard shooting Monday? Video games, obviously.

GotGame: Remember, Elizabeth Hasselbeck? Probably not. She was the breasty blond on The View that got in fights with most of the other co-hosts, most specifically Whoopi Goldberg, becoming the heroine to neo-conservatives everywhere, standing for baseball, homemade apple pie, and the phobias and discrimination that made Murrka great.

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Pancit_Canton1831d ago

A saw him watching sports on one of his pictures so it must be it. *roll eyes*

Yi-Long1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

What caused this shooting!? Probably mental illness.

What causes these sensationalist FOX newsreports and these ridiculous statements!? Probably mental illness.

Soldierone1831d ago

The gun he used wasn't an AR15 so they had to think of something else to attack instead of jumping to mental illness or him simply being a moron. That and GTA just released so Fox does nothing but attack it.

kayoss1830d ago

I didnt even bother to read the article. FOr those who blame violence on video games just need to take a look in the past. Before video games existed we had violence and mass shootings that occur but it was not well known because we didnt have the internet and mass media. Civil war, world war 1, world war 2, and many other wars that dates back thousands of years before.
I'm not saying that violent video games dont have an effect, but i think we should look at the individuals. If violent video game is to blame, then movies, tv shows, and the glorification of the media should also be blamed.

Cam9771831d ago

The government need to adjust the second amendment.
This is becoming a weekly thing for 'Merica and it sure as hell isn't a good thing.

majiebeast1831d ago

Yeah it cant possibly be because everybody can buy a gun for "protection". Fox news official news network of the NRA is doing its job well.

optimus1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

i would love to go on that show just to ask her if she thinks alcaida terrorists play video games all day as part of their training....although i do believe that the interactive aspect of videogames does have some influence on certain kids, i wouldn't blame a thought out act of violence on videogames in general.

SpiralTear1831d ago

Because video games haven't done anything positive for society...

Because no case has ever been reported that playing video games help people release that pent-up stress that would otherwise be built up and eventually released in very real, very violent ways on the public...

Because one case of a shooter being very vaguely and allegedly reported to have played GTA weeks before going on a shooting spree is the deciding factor, as opposed to millions of other people who've played the game daily and have been confirmed to not have had any criminal or violent activity at all...

GenericNameHere1831d ago

I heard the guy ate food and drank water before. Could there be a correlation between food/water and violence?

I also heard this guy watched the news before. Is Fox News the #1 leading cause of violence amongst adults who watch news? I mean, Fox News does show violence on their show once in a while. I say we get rid of Fox News!

Fox News is stupid. It sucks that there are people who actually believe them on false accusations like this.

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The story is too old to be commented.