"Second screen apps aren't a gimmick, will soon be complusary" - Ubisoft EMEA boss

"There are so many things to do on the second screen that enhance your experience. Very, very soon it will become obvious to players and compulsory for most new games," said Ubisoft's Alain Corre.

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Godmars2901765d ago

And gaming will likely die then.

There has not been on case where a second screen has been absolutely necessary. Worse that such a "compulsory" is not supplied. Replies on a gamer having an add-on which could cost more than a game console.

krazykombatant1765d ago

I think the implementation of the second screen is an awesome way to expand on gaming.

I highly doubt gaming will die or any as drastic as the light you're putting it under.

The WiiU (first party games) do an amazing job of utilizing the 2nd screen. If the second screen becomes something more than just "inventory screen" Then I think it will be better for gaming.

Godmars2901765d ago

"If the second screen becomes something more than just "inventory screen" Then I think it will be better for gaming."

That's the thing; if game companies try to force the issue, make the second screen a thing when they haven't figured out what to do with it, can't make it as common as the joystick, then its just going to be this expensive thing that people wont really need but have to have because because one or two titles have managed to incorporate it.

And really the WiiU - no one is buying it under the argument that no one is making games for it. How much do you thing that has to do with the second screen as much as its specs?

kazuma9991765d ago

They just need to put that second screen on the vita, since you can use it as a controller -_-.

krazykombatant1765d ago

There is a difference between not figuring out what do with it and being to damn lazy to come up with a concept. Dice and Ubi seem keen to the new idea of a secondary screen.

You want to turn this into a specs talk? I personally couldn't careless because I enjoy my hobby on many platforms. The WiiU offers some variety from the rest of the market. Did they skimp out on the hardware yes. However, graphics aren't just what make a game fun, plenty of games from the Wii are testament to this.

If I want to enjoy games at the very best I play them on my mid/high end rig. (Oh but it's too expensive! This hobby IS expensive).

Everyone laughed when the Wii first came out and it did an amazing job so much so that MS and Sony had copied the idea, it was pretty crap but they copied it.

To say something like "the end of gaming" due to a second screen is absurd.

Godmars2901765d ago

"There is a difference between not figuring out what do with it and being to damn lazy to come up with a concept. Dice and Ubi seem keen to the new idea of a secondary screen."

And what have DICE or Ubisoft done which is amazing or unique with the WiiU's second screen? The system's been out for a while and yet all that's been done is PR speak to the effect of "you need this" with nothing which sows that I do.

"Everyone laughed when the Wii first came out and it did an amazing job so much so that MS and Sony had copied the idea, it was pretty crap but they copied it."

Yeah people laughed at the Wii. Are still laughing at it in fact. At the fact that its the #1 selling console of its gen, and was unceremoniously dumped by Nintendo in favor of the WiiU which has become another laughing matter.

And yes MS and Sony copied motion control from Nintendo. It part of the reason, with Kinect literally being shoved down people's throats, That the XB1 has become a hated system before it even launched. The PS4 has become so popular, because it technically dropped Move while silently keeping it.

Its that the second screen has to contend with motion control as well as the return of VR, another gimmick which is outright overly expensive, that I say that any segment of the gaming industry which insist or force the use of any one of them, has the never to say they're not gimmicks when they clearly are, will very likely go down in flames.

krazykombatant1765d ago

Yeah people laugh at the Wii and Nintendo don't even hear them from their gigantic pile of money accumulated from the console.

I haven't said that Dice nor Ubi have done anything with the WiiU, all of the Ubi ports into the WiiU barely use the gamepad for anything other than a map or basic junk.

However, they are implementing secondary screens as bigger influence in their next couple of games.

Microsoft copies and at least makes improvements/ keeps to their guns. Sony doesn't talk about the move because IT IS GARBAGE. So they keep within the comfort zone.

This whole next gen crap with MS/Sony is a joke. One side tried to change things it blew up in their faces and Sony just basically said "I don't want to be that guy".

Does the WiiU have issues? yes mostly because Ninty released too early and didn't have the software to even get the thing started.

I find motion controls to be great if done properly. Skyward Sword was a great example of this. It can be done poorly look at most kinect games.

VR, meh I haven't use Oculust Rift and I'm sure neither have you. It is an expensive piece of hardware, but I'm sure 25 something years down the line we'll have something close to it in our living rooms.

This industry is tough and competitive if you can be innovative enough and get something new to work and be out there for the masses it won't necessarily go down in flames.

How old are you mate you sound very cynical saying the end of gaming is coming and ya-da ya-da ya-da let's enjoy our hobbies while we still can! :]

Godmars2901765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

I'm someone who doesn't want to deal with motion controls, VR or a second separate game screen, that's who I am. More so when the damn tech's been out for years and jack all but PR talk has been done with it.

Yes, I was being overly dramatic in saying the "End of gaming", but do you honestly think that the Wii and WiiU were/are honest successes? That the industry can keep on going with AAA and higher budget productions that only copy COD? Capcom and from what I hear EA are circling the drain over thinking like that.

And even though I bash the WiiU if not the whole industry as a failure I have every intention of buying one just as soon as Xenoblade 2 gets a release date for the Western market.

As much as my hobby is tearing itself apart and drifting away from the arcade themes which first drew me to it, there's no way I'm missing fighting giant monsters in a robot anime style!

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slinky1234561765d ago

I definitely think they can work well, very well in fact, just that it takes away from the experience a little to look away constantly. And if you're not doing it constantly is it really worth it without some huge bonus?

JimmyLmao1765d ago

I think PlayStation App for PS4 and SmartGlass for XB1 will provide for some good game experiences in the future.

Could end up something like this?

jackanderson19851765d ago

thought they already had something like that in production for the DS4?

JimmyLmao1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

yeah they are a real thing.

made by Nyko, they are called Smart Clips.

Should be available around the launch of both consoles.

jackanderson19851765d ago

i'm personally looking forward to it... even something as simple as having the map on a mobile device would be a great addition to a game

mcstorm1765d ago

It all depends on the game. If you look at some of the games on the WiiU it works well. Even though COD got a port without DLC ect the WiiU Game pad works well with COD in terms of selecting guns mp info ect. Fifa also worked well on the WiiU game pad but this will also work well with voice.

Then for games like Pikmin and Wonderful101 the have made it work well too.

For me a 2nd screen is not a must but like Kinect it can add to games and more options and different ways of playing games is always a +.

chrissx1765d ago

Please leave it to be optional not compulsory

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