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BioGamer Girl states, "Grand Theft Auto V has finally arrived from Rockstar Games, and with the largest amount of anticipation for any video game in recent memory backing the new release, it can't be bad can it? The answer is the game is a masterpiece that is a must purchase for every gamer on the planet. Grand Theft Auto V sees the return of much of the gameplay that made Grand Theft Auto IV one of the highest rated video games ever by critics and added even more great new features to the game series."

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Joan931761d ago

Woah. This is indeed a great news for us gamers all over the world. Surely, there is a massive improvement in almost all of the features. Thumbs up!

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Rhezin1761d ago

by the gods...damn school is getting in the way of me playing this game! BLOAUGH! GAH!

memots1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

More 10 out of 10/perfect scores for gta ... How unexepected /s

KonsoruMasuta1761d ago

What else do you expect from a game as epic as this?

DoctorJones1761d ago

memots is implying that it doesn't deserve it, but he's very wrong.

memots1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

@KonsoruMasuta , i don't expect nothing else since its GTA , And that is exactly what is wrong with it.

@DoctorJones , I reserve the right to have my own opinion. To me this whole crazy hype is a little much, Doesn't take anything away from they're achievements.

Kurt Russell1761d ago

Another terrible score for the poor guys at Rockstar then ;)