Final Fantasy Type-0 Team Working On Final Fantasy XV

In last week’s issue of Famitsu magazine, Final Fantasy Agito producer Hajime Tabata talked about the upcoming mobile game and how the project started. Famitsu follows up with the rest of the interview, where the producer also shared a few words on the other big project he’s a part of—Final Fantasy XV, which he is co-directing.

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black0o1621d ago

this better be f%# big I mean almost 10 years in development big

AceBlazer131621d ago

This game should be nominated for biggest tease,along with the last guardian and agent.

AznGaara1621d ago

Don't forget Half Life 3 lol

Majin-vegeta1621d ago

I was 16 years old when this game was announced (24 now).All these years better be worth it SE!!!!!!!

GrumpyOla1621d ago

By the time you're 32 we might get a release window.

Mykky1621d ago

I was 11 when I saw it for the first time, now I'm 19. When you put it in perspective, 8 years is really a long time. SE have some serious expectations to live up to.

yewles11621d ago this be coming to the west, either?

Lavalamp1621d ago

Why would they stage the game's unveiling at a major trade fair in the west only to release it exclusively in Japan?

ZHZ901620d ago

I've been waiting for this, it'll be ridiculous if they don't release it at 2015.