Most Annoying Game-Over Screens Ever

Nobody likes to see a Game-Over screen. As if knowing you suck isn't bad enough, some games rub it in by torturing you with really annoying Game-Over screens. What could be worse than having to watch your demise from multiple angles, or sitting through the same long-ass cutscene of the world ending every time you fail?

Tack one of these onto a tough boss fight, and you have a perfect formula for gamer rage. Games Radar have hand-picked this lot of Game-Overs that are irritating enough to be hilarious (when you're not suffering through them repeatedly in the actual game.) Enjoy the show!

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Storm233895d ago

Holy crap! The last one is hilarious

FCOLitsjustagame3895d ago

Wonder why he felt the COD4 one was annoying? Just because he saw it a lot? Most seemed pretty standard to me, but there were a few annoying ones in there.

truncheon3895d ago

Hard to read the quotes but they are all trying to be like really profound and they get really annoying, especially on harder difficulty levels where you die more often.

San anto3895d ago

game over yeaaaaaaaaaah!

PirateThom3895d ago

Gaaame oveeer, yeeeeeeaah!