Building a Next Gen Open World | Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag

This marks the first step into next gen for the franchise. Learn how AC4 utilizes next gen technology to create realistic oceans, dynamic weather systems, ambient lighting, & seamless ship boarding.

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ZBlacktt1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

I keep my PS4 and AC4 pre order receipts in my wallet. So when the day comes I'll be there first thing!!!! I've seen the game and played it. Beyond the most graphic beauty I've ever seen in a console game. All Next Gen games are going to be of this caliber as well. Just counting down the days!

Discod991764d ago

If you keep it in your wallet the ink on the receipt fades. By the time PS4 comes out it'll just be a blank piece of paper.

shivvy241764d ago

And then you will cry outside gamestop

ZBlacktt1763d ago

So false it's not even worth this reply, lol.

saikorican1763d ago

@ZBlacktt, I don't know if you're serious but it will fade in your wallet, I know this because I had to take my preorder out because it was fading pretty bad after a week or two. I don't want you to cry outside of Gamestop.

Sevir1763d ago

It's not false at all the ink on Gamestop Receipts fade if it's left in the sun in your car or if it's held in your wallet for more than a week, it's happened to me on several occasions... Which is why I scanned my receipt, and placed it in a ziplock bag so it wouldn't fad when it comes time to pick up my PS4 from Gamestop in November.

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Mikelarry1766d ago

i don't know i have been hearing a lot of positive things about AC4 to the point i am having doubts in giving up on the franchise. AC2 was my favorite and lost interest when brotherhood came out, i hope they release a demo to help me make a decision

Agent_00_Revan1764d ago

Exactly. I love the series, but 3 felt stale. I want planning on buying 4, at least not till big price drops. but I've been hearing a lot of good stuff. May have to cave.

AgentSmithPS41764d ago

Firstly this game looks great, I've watched tons of videos about it.

I haven't played any AC games :(. After hearing the complaints about AC3 I am going to wait for reviews and maybe a demo before I buy it, but from what I've seen of the gameplay I have no doubt it will be fun for tons of hours.

The first PS4 game I bought was BF4, I did this partly because I can play that game for months while I decide which of the MANY other games I will get next. I already have a list of almost 30 including free ones.

Since I can't play GTA on PS4 I'll probably get watch dogs, infamous, the division.
I'll buy the witcher 3 because it's made by a great company and it looks amazing.
"The Crew" because I need a car game.
Dying Light looks fun.
The Evil Within because I'm tired of the blood and gore being nerfed in games because of children and the company wanting to make more money off of them.

I will be very poor if I buy too many games, unless they're on sale.

Don't forget to save up for the Oculus Rift too.

Sevir1763d ago

I feel the same way, the series has suffered fatigue and the subsequent yearly releases with 3 not being exactly stellar caused me to look at AC4 with MEH... However, Everytime I see the game I'm left wondering should I take the plunge back into the animus, this video really shed light on the game's awesome atmospheric effects, that storm and proceedurally real time rendered storm especially on land as you're standing on the meadow with lighting striking and the wind billowing looks incredibly amazing, and I'm not even going to lie, the waves in the ocean of AC4 best Battlefield 4's oceans. It's incredible

jimmywolf1764d ago

i was 100% against ac4 at first but love what i saw in the videos an want to give it a shot.

Bonerboy1764d ago

Im not much of an AC fan, but this does look rather pretty and intriguing compared to the previous installments.
Just might.

shivvy241764d ago

yeah i havent been impressed since AC2, this looks like its gonna be better

MizTv1764d ago

I was not going to get this game
BUT now I can't wait to play it
Looks very fun

xKugo1764d ago

Quite shocking to see so many people raving about this game after the huge disappointment that was AC3. The game itself is extremely good to look at but I'm still on the edge as to if the GAMEPLAY will be good. I have it pre-ordered but it would be nice to see something good outside of the ocean. Maybe some city gameplay and an explanation of how combat, stealth and exploration has changed. Just my 2 cents.

CrossingEden1764d ago

AC3 had the best gameplay in the series to date. Much better exploration and combat than the Ezio trilogy. Also way better character development since Ezio stopped developing halfway through his game.

kcuthbertson1764d ago

But something felt off about it. It didn't "feel" like Ezio's story did. The gameplay was good, but being an assassin running through forests or a newly established colony just didn't give the same wow factor as running freely through an Italian Renaissance.

CrossingEden1764d ago

OF COURSE IT DIDN'T FEEL LIKE EZIO'S STORY. Jesus christ. *facepalm*

Heisenburger1764d ago

"OF COURSE IT DIDN'T FEEL LIKE EZIO'S STORY. Jesus christ. *facepalm*"

Reading comprehension ftw! /s

N4g_null1764d ago

"The weather system includes everything you would expect from a subtropical climate on the coast: rain, puddles, and fog. The rain is composed of raindrops that are individually rendered and lit. The puddles that form on the ground as a result react realistically to the “intensity and direction of the wind”. They also reflect the different objects in the world. Living on the coast also must come with foggy mornings. Assassin's Creed IV will feature volumetric fog that is computed in real time thanks to the enhanced processing power of the PS4 and Xbox One."

Those effects will be ignored...

ion531764d ago

After you get used to them being there, you'll notice when they're gone.

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