The Dead Or Alive 5 mousepad I can't resist but am ashamed to have on my desk

This will blow your mind in all the wrong ways.

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xHeavYx1827d ago

Is that the one bundled with the virginity shield?

KonsoruMasuta1827d ago

I have a mouse pad just like that but it's a random anime character instead of DOA.


I could use one of those.

devwan1827d ago

Your mouse might get stuck then.

SilentNegotiator1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

I can see the benefits of the raised section, keeping your wrist cushioned.

But I wouldn't be caught dead with that thing. Not within 10,000 miles of a woman.

KonsoruMasuta1827d ago

You don't know what you're missing out on man. These kind of mouse pads are all over Japan and they are stylish and comfortable.

Just stare at it for a while. Don't talk..... just stare. Stare at those cushions until your eyes burn.

Now tell me you don't want one now.

Midgus1827d ago (Edited 616d ago )

(Account deleted)

AznGaara1827d ago

Isn't that Momiji from Ninja Gaiden though? lol

fsfsxii1827d ago

The Boob Maiden?? Yes please.

JeepGamer1827d ago

Mouse pad but no PC version?

KonsoruMasuta1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

I usually don't game on my PC much but if they release this for PC I'm getting it.

Think about it.

Watching all that jiggle with those superior visuals.

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