Circle Pad Pro sales see strong increase in Japan

For the week ending September 8, 3DS sales were once again strong in Japan. Total sales of the 3DS XL have now topped 60,000 since the second week of February (about seven months).

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Donnieboi1621d ago

Must be dat Monster hunter 4. Playing it on old psp with only 1 analog stick was a massive hassle.

RaikRhythm1621d ago

Exactly what I was going to say. It'll be MH4 causing this, for sure. What else uses it?

r211621d ago

The circle pad pro should help the game's control but its still a bit clunky. Oh well, dat MH4 should make them forget that.

hard joe1621d ago

was expecting for new model built in 2nd analog stick
but gave up hope after seeing 2ds -_-'

GenericNameHere1621d ago

3DS has its own Circle Pad Pro. 3DS LL/XL has its own. If 2DS also has its own CPP, isn't Nintendo basically making a fool out of you/thinks you're an idiot who'll buy anything Nintendo?

dark-hollow1621d ago

Unless you did include second analog stick in your first model then don't bother including it in one of the new models. No need to fragment the fanbase.

mcstorm1621d ago

I have not used mine sine res revolutions but Zavvi had a deal where you got the circle pad for a penny extra so im not too fussed although the original 3ds fits in my hands better when its on. I hope Nintendo add it into a few more games.