A Dramatic Reenactment Of A Non-Gamer’s News Report On GTA V

Parents groups furious at game that encourages minors to kill hookers, snort drugs, kill dogs and rob banks. Oh, and violence. Lots and lots of violence.

A video game with an adults-only rating is pissing off parents that don’t know how to say “No” to their whining children.

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Roper3161832d ago

" Parents groups furious at game that encourages minors "

Why are minors playing this game? Where the hell are the parents? Why is this group not slamming the parents who let their minors play this game?

BlueBlood171832d ago

Been playing GTA since I was 9 years old...

Decided to step it up a notch - killing hookers is actually quite fun, you should all try it sometime. GTA trained me well!

andrewsqual1832d ago

Look at it this way, at least nobody was shot anywhere in the world at the game's premier. Not even in the US, wow.
But murder at a Dark Knight premier and nothing was ever said.

OhhWerd1832d ago

My kid informed me that some kid in his class received it from his parents, hes in 6th grade.

My son understands why me and his mom don't want him playing this. I will let him drive the cars and fly planes, but with the sound off and he is not allowed to play if we are noti n the same room. He loves driving games, but as a a parent and what I've seen so far I am glad I didn't get him his own copy.