Microsoft: Japan is a "soulful place" for games

Phil Spencer discusses why Microsoft is attending TGS 2013, says it is "important for us to always stay in touch" with Japan.

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TomShoe1768d ago

They're fighting a losing battle, but I can't blame them for trying.

badz1491768d ago

I have to give props to MS for their effort in JPN considering how little they have gained despite trying for over 10 years, 2 generations running. Can't say I'm a fan but their effort is noteworthy.

King-Prodigy-X1768d ago ShowReplies(1)
Shadow Man1768d ago

They wanna be successful in japan? That's easy make online free down there buy more jrpgs exclusives and make hentai games for kinect, they got money.

RiPPn1768d ago

So why wasn't Japan a "soulful place" the last several years you didn't attend with the 360?

GrandpaSnake1768d ago

i love it when american xbox fanboys talk smack about games from japan, then they go buy them when xbox makes them.

jgrigs091768d ago

Why do you have to say American? Not everyone on here is American, you jackass.

GrandpaSnake1768d ago

dude.... i just checked all your post, you have exclusively been stealth trolling anyone who says anything bad about the xbox. I am american and support the xbox but i know a lot... A LOT white american friends who clown on jpn games. this happens with almost all the pure xbox fanboys, especially when it is a ps3 exclusive jrpg.
you very well damn know the game MS will make for jpn will be jrpg honestly i wouldnt be shocked if it was another lost odyssey.

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