“Quality innovation at the core game level” must be EA’s first priority – Wilson

Making better games must be the first thing EA focuses on, according to brand new CEO Andrew Wilson.

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zeal0us1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

First priority should be listening to your consumers more to help make core games more successful.

Too many franchises already been ruin by EA through negligence and trying to make some quick money.

Pandamobile1643d ago

When you're a big publisher like EA, your hands are usually pretty tied when it comes to that. It's all a balancing act between quality/innovation and marketability.

Thehyph1642d ago

Bring back skate.

That's all I want from EA.

cabbitwithscissors1642d ago

Bring back adventure games ...i'm getting tired with all these run and gun type games.

Neonridr1642d ago

Stop taking great games and suddenly deciding that making them online co-op will instantly make them better.

You already killed Dead Space, a franchise I loved.