Yoshinori Ono tweets three new Deep Down screenshots

Yoshinori Ono has tweeted three new screenshots of Deep Down.

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Convas1762d ago

Environment textures are looking murky and the level of detail on the cloth is not all that great either.

Hope they meet the 1080p target from the PS4 reveal.

Muffins12231762d ago

If you think those textures are murky you should play gta 5...

NewMonday1762d ago

not one of the impressive looking games so far but looks OK for early next gen, the most important thing is to have nice motion and great gameplay and the non-liner shifting dungeons and monsters is something unique.

B-radical1762d ago

Is gta 5 next gen? Not yet i dont think

Angels37851761d ago

On I kid!!! Ps3 is a bit murky too.

gaffyh1761d ago

Graphically this looks good, but imo, it looks like it could be possible on PS3, albeit maybe not by Capcom. Dragon's Dogma looks quite bad graphically, and this looks miles better than that. Still excited for this, but will wait for gameplay vids before making any decisions.

SilentNegotiator1761d ago

I'm pretty sure that's motion blur.

turgore1761d ago

GTA 5 is not on the PS4. I bet this game will turn into another capcom flop.

PurpHerbison1761d ago

So that is what we call it, "murky". I have been calling it something a long the lines of a "greasy filter" but "murky" is the word I have been looking for. Thanks.

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corvusmd1762d ago

I actually have to agree with you. The initial cinemas from this game looked amazing, but the gameplay so far isn't nearly as still looks good no doubt, but there is a lot of blurring to hide the fact that it doesn't look as great as you'd think it does. They should stick to motion videos rather than screenshots.

WarThunder1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

These pics are blurry. Doesn't do the game justice...
Just wait for direct feed gameplay videos.

Lighting and fire effects looks fantastic!

FamilyGuy1762d ago're crazy. The cloth textures and how the light is realistic absorbed into make this game one of the best I've ever seen, if not THE best. Are you seriously downplaying these amazing visuals?

I just don't get fanboys, be a gamer first. Denial makes no sense when we're all able to see the same images.

Convas1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

"Are you seriously downplaying these amazing visuals?"

Yes. Yes I am. These are not the visuals I salivated over during February reveal. I watched the first Deep Down teaser trailer over 20 times. It was my most anticipated release because it SCREAMED "THIS IS NEXT-GEN".

^Those are amazing visuals. JAW Dropping amazing visuals. Look at the texture quality and sharpness and detail of the character models. Even the lighting is next-level. Everything from Feb. is head and shoulders over what I'm seeing now.

I still want this game,but what I'm seeing here is not what we were shown and if you can't see that, you're blind.

And enough with this fanboy crap. The Playstation 4 is the only console I have on pre-order right now.

You mean to tell me that if I'm not praising a PS exclusive that I'm a fanboy?

FamilyGuy1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

In your first comment you weren't comparing it to the feb reveal yet now you are. I was replying based off your statement in that general context, not the context of comparing it to their initial showing.

That first trailer had character models and environments with polygon counts in the millions. As in 2 million or more each, obviously this doesn't have its visual fidelity but it still looks great.

Comparison wise of course I agree with you but I don't agree with your initial, general claims of it looking murky with low cloth detail. The cloth looks great, look just under the guys elbow where the light is hitting it. It's got this fuzz texture and the light is showing perfectly on it. Look at any of the enemies skin and you'll see that the textures there are extremely well done too. Very flesh-like.

So yeah, if you had said "compared to feb..." I would've responded differently.

Convas1762d ago

"In your first comment you weren't comparing it to the feb reveal yet now you are."

I remember saying very specifically "Hope they meet the 1080p target from the PS4 reveal."

I'm not sure how much clearer a comparison can be made.

So in essence, what you're saying is, the original trailer they made was so advanced, they never had a hope in hell of running on PS4. But they still showed off the trailer and LIED to us about it running on PS4 level PC equipment?

If this is truly the case, then they should have NEVER shown off the game until this month at TGS.

I'm not saying it's not impressive, the volumetric lighting present is still very nice and I'm into the random generated dungeons and features but if what you said about them overdoing the graphics to a level that can never be achieved, I'm not the only person on whose experience an indelible mark of disappoint will be left.

FamilyGuy1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

I don't think they lied, I think the systems power just didn't live up to their assumptions/expectations. They hadn't put the real hardware through its paces yet and their engine is based off of the PS4s hardware so something technical must've fell short. It's also possible that the situation with needing better driver support that was mentioned recently in those "X1 vs PS4 power comparison" articles may have hampered their goal.
I don't believe Capcom outright lied but I'm not going to say it's impossible that that was the case either.

I'm on your same page though, I was completely blown away by what was originally shown and was hoping it would come true. I've been following every bit of information on the title ever since and defending it as real game play on top of that. Their fire animation is still above anything I've seen anywhere else but the wall textures have definitely taken a hit and we haven't seen any faces yet to see how different they might look now.

What really made believe it was real was seeing the Quantic Dream tech demo that had a similar level of graphics (millions of polygons to make up a scene). Knowing QDs history and how they've lived up to their tech demos is what lead me to believe it was possible. We had two games by completely different devs showing the PS4 as capable of achieving that level. It'll be interesting to see how far they come along as well.

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StoutBEER1761d ago

Gettin X1 first then PS4 a year or 2 later and after seeing these screens, this might very well be the first PS4 game i get. That is ulnless TLOU 2 isn't announced.

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SEAN16171762d ago

It's off screen. I think it looks great.

Bigpappy1762d ago

Nice looking. But they need to show some outdoors or bigger areas to truly impress. But yeah, has great potential.

GrandpaSnake1762d ago

i know most of you guys probably made your choice but i still havent pre ordered my ps4. This game looks to be changing that soon. Im not really too into fps games so this looks awesome to me.

1nsomniac1762d ago

Again, the particle effects look nice & all but the rest of it looks very poor. I don't know why they keep releasing these images with it in its current state. The textures are horrible & the environment framework is unbelievably generic there all just box rooms stuck together.

Its obviously very, very early beta footage but after what they promised was actual gameplay at 22/2 playstation event it's a bit like rubbing salt in the wound. They should really hold back images until the engine is a little more complete.

staticdash221762d ago

1. It's off screen footage, chill.
2. The game is not releasing this year, and don't expect an early 2014 release either. At the earliest this game is due holiday 2014.


man...if you haven't preordered by now you might be up shit creek without a paddle!

Beastforlifenoob1762d ago

I wouldnt say its beta its more like pre-alpha...

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