GTA V vs GTA IV: What does Los Santos do better? writes: What else propels GTA V above its predecessor? What gives Los Santos the charm that makes it so memorable and accessible? Most importantly, what is it about GTA V that’s so … well … fun?

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DoctorJones1794d ago

GTA V vs GTA IV: What does Los Santos do better?


3-4-51794d ago

Los Santos is beautiful at night. Just driving around is more fun. So much to look at.

Hufandpuf1794d ago

Just about everything. But I still think that Niko was a more interesting character.

-GametimeUK-1794d ago

Niko is awesome. One of the few things I enjoyed about GTA4. I do think Trevor will be possibly my fave GTA character ever. Too early to predict, but I already love his antics.

DoctorJones1794d ago

More interesting than Trevor? Pfft..that's crazy talk.

Hufandpuf1794d ago

admittedly I didn't get to Trevor yet.

AngelicIceDiamond1794d ago

The story telling, and story driven focus was one of the highlights of GTA IV. GTA 5 took that and branch it out to three characters that I actually like and care about.

And GTA V surprisingly does that better than GTA IV.