3GEM Review: Pokémon Rumble U

Alex Cote from 3GEM writes: 'Pokémon Rumble U is a waste of time that can be forgotten. There’s nothing to enjoy in the game, and there’s no reason to own it.'

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O-D-C1830d ago

Ugh, I'll definitely avoid this one...

mcstorm1830d ago

This game is not that bad. Its really fun with 2 or more players and a good price.

I have not played much SP as I don't find it as fun as playing with more people but I think this is a good mini game to pickup and play every now again.

duducus1830d ago

I think a score of 2/10 would have to mean the game is unplayable, but this is playable, its just not that good... meh... Of course, I wouldn't know...

LOL_WUT1830d ago

I think that's the lowest score i've ever seen for a Nintendo owned ip I thought it will score higher since it was a Pokemon game ;)

admiralvic1830d ago

The reviewer was just butt hurt that the NFC figures didn't come to Canada.

secretcode1830d ago

Wait. why a 1.9? Why not just flat-out give it a 2?

admiralvic1830d ago

This is easily one of the worst reviews I have ever read and completely unprofessional.

First off, it sucks Canada didn't get the figures, but no one wants to see someone **** and moan about it in the review. I mean, you devoted one of your eight paragraphs to making this point clear to the reader and brought it up again in value. If they mean that much to you, then simply import them.

As far as the rest of the review goes, I clearly get the impression that you've never played Pokemon Rumble. Many of your complaints are concepts that have existed from the start and do nothing but illustrate you shouldn't have reviewed this game. After two games in the series, it isn't exactly news to hear it plays like the others, nor is it logical to attack a game that isn't suited to your taste.

I can respect someone elses opinion, but when you post a review and put it on N4G... you can AT LEAST preorder to have some level of professionalism. Down voted.

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