How much App Store fun can you have for the same price as Grand Theft Auto V?

Pocket Gamer - Grand Theft Auto V came out for some consoles that don't fit in your pocket today.

Here at Pocket Gamer's crime lab, though, we obviously couldn't care less. We're too busy tending our The Simpsons: Tapped Out cities.

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KingOfArcadia1828d ago

Oooooh, look, I could get a whole crapload of junk mobile games instead of GTA V! Wooohooo!

RumbleFish1828d ago

I never bought a game from the App Store. Am I missing something? No.

itani1828d ago

That's like me saying how much stuff can I buy in Poundland

President1828d ago

I'd rather throw away that 60 bucks instead of wasting it on mobile crap.

SpitFireAce851828d ago

Yeah i really want to play some candy crush over
GTA 5 s/

xHeavYx1828d ago

Go home pocket gamer, you are drunk

objdadon1828d ago

No thanks I'll just happily play gta 5!

GraveLord1828d ago

Desperate Pocket Gamer. You are desperate.

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