Major UK retailers already sold out of GTA IV

VG247: Several major UK game retailers and supermarkets are already sold out of Grand Theft Auto IV.

Big gaming outlets such as, HMV and Gameplay are either completely sold out or can no longer guarantee delivery on April 29.

While it seems as though now you're going to have to take your chances in shops on release day, most major online retailers still have the special edition available.

It also appears that the PS3 version is in higher demand than its rival.

Here's a list of retailers that no longer can give you the game when you want it...

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Fishy Fingers3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

bugger, I havent pre-ordered. Not paying £70 for the LE either. I'll find a copy... or the kitten gets it :)

sonarus3894d ago

this is no doubt take two underestimating demand on their financial savior. The pre order trend for ps3 is quite interesting.

theKiller3894d ago

although ps3 install base is 1~1.5 million and 360 is 2 million the demand for ps3 GTA4 is higher!!

this shows that in the mind off many people GTA4 is related to sony playstation brand, i wonder how will that impact the sales of both 360 and ps3!!

chaosatom3333894d ago

The sales will be close in both version. Not 2-1 as many have claimed.

superman3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

I plan to buy it after exams on May 22, they should have more in stock by then. I hope.

EDIT: lol at the picture

Brixxer6003894d ago

Don't know about his PS3 in higher demand comment though ?

My experience goes something like this.

Pre-ordered on PS3 and was told today that i won't get it on launch, the store are only being supplied with 20% of their PS3 orders, 10 discs out of 50, i can get it on 360 though, they are being supplied 50 copies of it.

The store owner has been told that they've been "short shipped" the discs for PS3, i guess one person will say the one thing and someone else will say the opposite.

EDIT : Also LOL at the picture.

TradingWarStories3894d ago

its in higher demand, and that stores have already got it :o, lets all raid the stores!! lol

TradingWarStories3894d ago

cos I dont wanna pre order id rather go to shops and buy it.

resistance1003894d ago

If your in the UK, Currys Digital are still taking pre-orders

Fishy Fingers3894d ago

Resistance, thank you so much! Just pre ordered. Cheap to, only £37.99 :)

resistance1003894d ago

No problem, theres a massive poster on the one in Wycombe, every where else here (GAME, Gamestation, Woolworths, Argos, Hmv, Zavvi have all stoped or can't promise you will get it on launch), i guess people forgot that Currys do games as well lol

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The story is too old to be commented.