GTA V: How fast can you die?

GamesRadar - Speedrunning in the traditional sense is all well and good. But wouldn't it be more fun to see how quickly you can 'be out' in a video game? That's exactly what our HFCYDI video series aims to achieve. Each video starts with a new save file on a new Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii U game. The clock starts the instant the final button is pushed that exits the main menu and begins the game proper. The jokes that accompany the ensuing carnage are terrible. Those are the rules.

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hankmoody1834d ago

I'm embarrassed to admit it but I died in the very first mission, when I walked up to a cop to take him out as he lay on the ground and he caught me with a shotgun blast point blank. They ain't messing around!

swishersweets200311833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

This game is so easy to play. The cops system is so pathetic its not a challenge to get away from. no challenge what so ever. Your health comes back to you to 50%, on top of the soda machines, ambulances, health packs.. i cant see anyone could say this game is difficult. Even the taxi missions for money are not even timed. Lack of paramedic missions is a disappointment, and i tried doing a cop car mission and it doesnt have that either :( WTF Rockstar.. slimming it down to sell it to me later?

Einhert1833d ago

Shall we take bets on whether or not he is using free aim?

xHoii1833d ago

To me it feels like this is the GTA that's most challenging of them all.
I mean your health tends to finish very quickly, even when in a vechile, bullets do hit you while your driving and deal a lot of damage, unlike GTA IV. But what I love the most is how much they'be improved the driving and shooting, 100x more fun than GTA IV.. and the shooting is harder which is a plus.