GTA IV to sell $400 Million in first week '6 Million Units' writes, sources close to Take-Two have reported it expecting to sell 6 million units of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV in it's first week. An estimated USD 400 million dollars. This will make it the biggest videogame launched in history. The Halo 3 launch holds the record currently at USD 300 million.

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eagle213897d ago

Seems like they may even exceed it. :)

lawman11083896d ago

You Sony homos are going to have tears in your eyes next month when you see how the 360 beat the tar out of the PS3 in sales. Then you will say if "if you subtract the base x's the install - the world wide sales" The PS3 REALLY OUT SOLD THE 360 HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH man I can't wait

PopEmUp3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

RROD instore for the 360 god just get a life about that jet pack of your

Drekken3897d ago

I predict man will walk on the moon!

Relcom3897d ago

more popular than halo.

I hope they sell more and i bet they will

chaosatom3333897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

Halo died. GTA lives forever.

SeanScythe3897d ago

COD4 killed Halo in the dead of night. GTA4 is here to kill the master chief zombie that still walks the earth.

Cwalat3897d ago

yeah they will sell more, but not in the first week i think,
one thing that makes me think it will sell more is, this game is Multiplatform... both sides will sell like hell and crash Halo IMO...

400$ million.. and up IMO...

but i wonder how much the devs really get from that cake ?
someone know?

Bnet3433897d ago

Halo didn't die, it passed the torch to Gears. On topic, people are being way to optimistic about GTA4 sales. Yes, it will sell a lot, but 6 million in a week. I will be very surprised if it sells that much.

Chubear3897d ago

It's still incrediblly outstanding when factor in that was an exclusive title. GTA IV being on 2 platforms arguablly only manages to surpass it by an outstreached neck.

It's great to see the industry growing in leaps and bounds.

PopEmUp3896d ago

gaylo fan that keep disagreeing?

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BigKev453897d ago

On day 1, GTA IV all day.

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The story is too old to be commented.