You Can Play GTA V As Breaking Bad's Heisenberg, Basically

Kotaku - When it comes to pop culture, this week people are mostly talking about two things: Breaking Bad and Grand Theft Auto V. So, like clockwork, someone has figured out how to make one of the characters in GTA V look just like Walter White from Breaking Bad. Of course they have.

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Irishguy951833d ago

Yes. Must find an NPC that looks like Jesse...then stalk and kill

maximus19851833d ago

and his last words will be ...i deserve this...bitch

maximus19851833d ago

thats Walt, now if you put a black hat on him THEN hes Hiesenberg.

PhantomTommy1833d ago

First thing I did as Michael was turn him into Walt. And when the feeling grabs me, remove the glasses -- instant Max Payne.

rocky0475861833d ago

Yeah, he even wears the same orange jumpsuit for spraying bugs! Lol. I took pics of it in-game and it was pretty cool!

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