MTV Multiplayer: The Case For 'Star Wars: The Force Unleashed' On Wii

MTV Multiplayer Blog writes: "When deciding which version of "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed" to pick up, ask yourself a question: do I want extreme visual fidelity or a personal engagement by executing Force powers with gestural motion controls?

There's nothing quite like pushing the Wii nunchuck forward in the air to execute a Force Push and watching Luke Skywalker fly across the screen. That's exactly the kind of experience Krome Studios and LucasArts are bringing to the Wii version of "The Force Unleashed."

No, it doesn't have the same level of "wow" visuals, but "The Force Unleashed" quickly becomes immersive in a way that's worth paying attention to. The available kiosk at Nintendo's Media Summit last Thursday and Friday gave me a chance to go to-to-toe with another human player in the versus multiplayer mode. This mode will not be found in any other version of "The Force Unleashed." The PSP version will have a type of multiplayer, but not head-to-head combat."

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Exhaust3895d ago

While I'm spoiled by PS3 and 360 graphics I'm very interested to try the Wii controls.

The graphics wh0re in me will probably win and I'll buy either the PS3 or 360 version then gamefly the Wii version.