Disney Infinity Sells 294,000 Units, Activision Responds

"Last month, Disney Infinity debuted on the NPD charts in 3rd place. That seemed to be enough to satisfy Disney, who announced that the game sold 294,000 units in August, a third of which were sold on Nintendo platforms.

Activision today decided to crush any dreams that Disney had" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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Spenok1739d ago

I'm going to assume and say you've probably never played either.

So then, how would you know they both suck?

GraveLord1739d ago

They're kids games.....they don't exactly have deep gameplay mechanics.

ritsuka6661739d ago

Activision deserve this salles for suporting Wii U.. so, this is good.

drsfinest721739d ago

Didn't this game cost over 200 million?

Nekroo911739d ago

Hell No!! gta 4 is the second most expensive game at 100 million and gta 5 1º at almost 250... so theres no way that a disney game costs over 200

DeFFeR1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

To be fair, it costs more to produce figures, portals and all that.

So, it COULD cost over 200, but that's total, and not just game development. Depends on who is skewing the numbers and in what way.

jackanderson19851739d ago

100 million plus whatever they threw at marketing... they'll most likely make it all back in the November/December shopping sprees for christmas

paleselan1738d ago

The report said 100 million

Agent_00_Revan1739d ago

Yea but Skylanders Giants has already been established as a franchise and a big name. Infinity, while released by a big name, is still a new franchise.

And with the people that are already heavily invested in skylanders, itll be a little hard to get those to move over to Infinity.

DeFFeR1739d ago

I'll be getting both for my sons this Christmas.

We already have 20+ skylanders 'invested' in that series, but the fact that Disney characters are in the Infinity game will likely mean my kids will have a better attachment to those characters - especially the Pixar ones.

I'm also hoping for Star Wars and Marvel characters eventually.