Watch Dogs being marketed off of GTA V's success

Ubisoft has been seen posting promotional material for Watch Dogs via Facebook, in which it directly mentions and references Grand Theft Auto V.

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ArchangelMike1768d ago

Ubi don't forget that GTA Online launches in October. I'm pretty sure we're still going to be in Los Santos come November. And I'm pretty sure Watchdogs will not generate as much hype upon release as GTA V.

TNTgamer1768d ago

it just amazes me that they have the audacity to pull something off like this. It's not that they are being hostile, its just like saying "we can't be bothered to promote this ourselves, so someone else can do it for us... for free" I think thats a bit wrong.

-Foxtrot1768d ago

I think this could actually happen, it's a shame but the thing is Watch Dogs for being an open world game doesn't let you do most of the things in GTA. I mean there's no airplanes or any other type of flying vehicle. So your obviously going to get people thinking "Hang on if I can do all this in GTAV, I'd rather buy that/keep playing that game"

WeAreLegion1768d ago

Just Cause 2 has a lot of stuff GTA V doesn't. I still enjoy both. I think people will latch on to Watch_Dogs.

IVanSpinal1768d ago

Gta V is bored i wasted my money

Sevir1767d ago

I'll be in Chicago in November on PS4... So it's cool. Watch_Dogs looks impressive and it's a different experience to GTA, the 2 will coexist, GTA Online is sure to be great, but I think people will migrate to the next gen, so I don't think Ubi is worried, they've acknowledged GTAs presence but they are also confident with their open world game, and by the looks people are interested in that game as well.

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WeAreLegion1768d ago

GTA V is incredible. I'm pretty sure Watch_Dogs will be incredible, too. Stop comparing them.

PhantomT14121768d ago

Well, comparing them will be inevitable but I do think both will be great too. I was so hyped for GTA V, and so far, I'm still not disappointed. Hope Watch Dogs will do the same.

raresteak1766d ago

It'll be great if they can market the game based on the game itself and not the success of another.

So far, pressing X to instantly hack a set of things isn't intriguing enough.

Besides pretty graphics like every other next-gen title, this game holds little appeal. I hope this isn't the benchmark for next-gen, and at least I'm almost certain it isn't.

Ubisoft's very own The Division looks leaps and bounds ahead of Watch Dogs, with it's far superior graphics, really good looking animations that doesn't involve fitting your hands in your coat-pockets, and an open-world that seems to be a full-scale NYC. Cannot wait to see more of the Snowdrop engine in action.

It's good to see Ubisoft as a publisher really expanding their assets, and clearly Ubisoft Massive based in Sweden are going to sh*t all over Ubisoft Montreal. I don't normally expect much from Canadians, anyway, especially ones that have milked the AC series.