Atomicom on PS4: "We’re Throwing Everything at it Graphically it Just Sits There Laughing at us"

Going from the small confines of PlayStation Mobile, to the big world of the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita is something that developer Atomicom is doing with Switch Galaxy Ultra, the sequel to Switch Galaxy, which will have 60fps, 55 levels, and upgradeable ships. - PSLS

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1648d ago


ABizzel11648d ago

To be honest I don't see an indie game like this pushing the PS4 to it's limits with some amazing fully rendered backgrounds, but it's nice to know the PS4 is more than powerful enough for the vast majority of indie games.

TrendyGamers1648d ago

I wouldn't call ResoGun indie considering who it's coming from.

ABizzel11648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Is pushing the amount of polygons on screen, but it's not pushing the PS4 "to its limits".

BG115791648d ago

Resogun just 50% of the capabilities...

Holeran1647d ago

Ya the makers of Resogun have said they are at the 50% mark in computing power on the cpu.

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i wanna hear the exact same thing from a developer working on a triple A title,then I'll be impressed.

Jughead34161648d ago

Well, recently there was the developer from Naughty Dog that said he's seen the PS4 in action and couldn't believe it was actual gameplay.

Godchild10201648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

That was Nolan North, he is a Voice actor in the video game industry.


Sadist31648d ago

Every time I hear this line, it comes from indie developers whose games look like they belong on an ipad.

BitbyDeath1648d ago

It's also always directed at PS4 only.

cell9891648d ago

Well I guess they can't even say that about the xbone

Hicken1648d ago

Indie devs don't have to worry about stepping on anybody's toes like bigger third parties do. So yeah, you're gonna hear it from them more.

Right now, anyway. I imagine that'll change once the actual systems come out though, and there are no secrets.

joeorc1647d ago


"Every time I hear this line, it comes from indie developers whose games look like they belong on an ipad."

funny you would say that, what is Ironic is the iPAD3's GPU is this:

Apple still employs Imagination's PowerVR SGX543 architecture, used in the iPad 2. But whereas the iPad 2 was limited to a dual-core implementation (SGX543MP2), the iPad 3’s A5X sports a muscular quad-core GPU (SGX543MP4). Incidentally, Sony's PlayStation Vita also uses a the SGX543MP4.


PowerVR SGX543MP4+ (quad-core) with a dedicated 128 MB of dedicated GPU ram.

yeah only on an iPAD3..lmao

try putting some of these games on a Nintendo 3DS and it would bluntly choke the 3DS's hardware.

if the 3DS could even run it that is.

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