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Can Microsoft buy next gen dominance?

An opinion article on Microsoft's possible options (Microsoft, Xbox One)

ATi_Elite  +   657d ago
Smart opinion piece!

Microsoft is focusing on just winning the living room with Exclusive entertainment through the XB1 and toss in some games.

Sony is ALL about the Games and has the ability to provide Exclusive Entertainment.

All in all the best games will once again be multiplats with only a handful of exclusives per system.

it's really not even a contest anymore as they are really the same. Hopefuly this Gen they try to distinguish themselves from one another but right now....

BF4 is the best launch game and it's on EVERY Platform.
COD:G will sell the most units and it's on EVERY platform.
Watchdogs may prove to be the most innovative and it's on EVERY platform.
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Belking  +   657d ago
Why would they need to? They don't have to dominate anything to be successful as they have already proven.

NDA is almost upm too.
Tooly  +   657d ago
you must have lost it
TheRealHeisenberg  +   657d ago
I just want the Xbox One to be successful and competitive. Same for the PS4 and WiiU. I certainly don't want any of the big three to let their egos get too big...again.
Shadow Man  +   657d ago
It will be one hell of a fight, Sony is launching a week before xbone and the ps4 is a $100 less. So I see the ps4 dominating this generation.

Plus the third Console curse!
joab777  +   657d ago
They will try!!
n4rc  +   657d ago
Nah.. I mean they could easily if they want to..

They could have thrown 12gb gddr5 and a better GPU and sold it for $200 if crushing everyone was their goal...

They have already had to bail out one competitor.. They know the value in balance..

I want all 3 to sell well.. And be profitable for each company
BABYLEG  +   656d ago
Time will reveal all. Cant wait to buy my Xbox one
christocolus  +   656d ago
This article makes alot of sense...
beerzombie  +   656d ago
Sony is not all about games that just the impression they are giving. They are about the living room too; you do not buy movie studios and internet streaming companies for 400 million plus dollars just for gamming that doesn't make any sense. I want to be entertained music movies TV and gamming and if possible a game with all of it integrated together.

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