PS4 vs. Xbox One: PlayStation 4 Does Not Need Pre-Order Bundles to Outsell Microsoft, Says Jim Ryan

Sony is not concerned with the Xbox One's pre-order bundle specials because they feel their product is good enough that people will buy it on their own.

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mewhy321708d ago

the ps4 is already outselling the bone world wide w/o bundles. no need for bundles or clarification, or 180's, or apologies. Sony has a superior console at a better price than the bone. period.

Bigpappy1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

It is good that they are confident. But there is too much posturing for my taste. Sony is doing what they think is needed to get where they need to get, and M$ is doing what they think they need to do.

This is not a one off thing. You have the launch which I think Sony could win even in the Americas. Then there is the holiday season, then there are many battle after.

Majin-vegeta1708d ago

It's over a million pre orders already so it's doing fine already.Not to mention once word of mouth gets around.It will sell like hotcakes.

lifeisgamesok1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

That's the great thing about this console rivalry we'll have to wait until November to judge

Fanboys will bring up specs but we don't know what Microsoft's 15 specialized processors do yet (and they do exist, see Hotchips article)

One thing we know for sure there will be great games for both

lifeisgamesok1708d ago

The Order is too

And Driveclub isn't 60 fps and it's a racer

Knack campaign is 30 fps

So what Ryse is 900p it's beautiful and one of the best looking next gen games

M-M1708d ago


The Order is native 1080p, but displayed at 800p. Why? It's cropped for a cinematic experience.

Since you want to bring in the 60FPS arguement, I might as well try to end it now even though you'll come up with another excuse. When it comes to developing games for a console, FPS is the developers choice, not the console itself. For example, a simple game of Pong can run at 60FPS no sweat. What if that developer wanted to make his game of pong separated from the rest? He would add a whole bunch of physics, graphics and so on, but he might have to sacrifice some framerate to be able to do it. He could have the game look great and have the game at 60FPS, but he would rather go the extra mile and settle for 30.

Ryse looks great, but I wouldn't say it's one of the best looking next generation games(strictly in my opinion).

JimmyLmao1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )


The Order 1886 is 1920 x 800 ... not 1420 x 800

and it is in a 2:35:1 aspect ratio, not 16:9

it is still the exact same quality as native 1080p.

They are just trying to deliver a true cinematic experience, by having black bars at the top and bottom of the picture.

(I am actually more interested in this game now, as far as i know this is the first game that has ever done something like this, I think it would be awesome to try)

Driveclub - native 1080p
Knack - native 1080p

all the 1st party PS4 games are aiming for 60fps

Flyingdog6701708d ago

Sorry dude, but just face it, the Xbox One is not as strong as Microsoft puts it out to be. First it was the cloud, then the 12 Giga-Byte RAM rumor, then the "Secret Sauce", then the dGPU, now the 15 "specialized processors, what's next? If Microsoft truly did have the powerful machine, they would be boasting about, like with 360 in the beginning of this generation, but now, all they do is PR talk, without giving us the TRUE facts.

dantesparda1708d ago

"15 specialized processors", blah, blah, blah, ignorance. Stop being a fool

Hicken1708d ago

Please, stop spreading BS. The XB1 doesn't have "15 specialized processors" that are gonna turn the tides of anything.

titletownrelo1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

"So what Ryse is 900p it's beautiful and one of the best looking next gen games"

Okay then.
-So what if The Order is "900p", it looks like an amazing new and fresh ip.

-So what if Driveclub isn't confirmed to be 60fps, it still looks like one of the greatest next gen racing titles featuring better environments and day/night driving.

-So what if Knack's campaign is 30 fps, its supposed to have FUN gameplay, not be a technical revolution.

-Lastly, I find it funny you "forgot" to mention Killzone: Shadowfall. ;)

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