Grand Theft Auto V PC Listed On Major Online Gaming Stores

DSOGaming writes: "Okay okay, we all know that GTA V will - eventually - hit our favourite platform. Yes, Rockstar has not announced anything yet, but we've already got hints from both the configuration file of GTA V's X360 version and Nvidia (who claimed that the game will hit PC this Fall but then retracted that statement). So, today we present you some major online gaming stores that already have the PC version available for pre-order."

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Razputin1829d ago

A year away release like all other GTAs have been? I'm hoping so.

Hopefully we get a better port than what we got with GTAIV.

And damn it I'm still waiting for Red Dead Redemption. I couldn't take playing that game on PS3 it looked horrible.

NihonjinChick1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

I don't think PC is getting Red Dead.

On the topic of GTA: Hopefully this port is better than IV. I'm surprised you admit that the GTA IV port was on the crappy side. Most of the PC players on here won't admit that the PC port of IV was half done and hate when it's brought up.

I'll probably get it on PC when it comes out. Until then, I'll play it on PS3.

Dante811828d ago

I'll admit it. The game chugs like crazy if you don't have a quad core. On top of that it needs to 2GB Vram in order to max out. Only my recent build plays the game well(4 years after release).

kevnb1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

it wasn't great, but it wasn't as bad as people make it out to be. The settings scaled so much further on pc compared to console, and it ran pretty badly on consoles too lets not forget. Using an old athlon dual core and a 9800 at settings a little better than consoles I was getting something like 25fps - 40 fps, but on consoles it ran at around 15 fps - 30 fps.
Settings on 360 were something like

Resolution: 1280 x 720
Texture Quality: Medium
Reflection Resolution: Medium
Water Quality: Medium
Shadow Quality: High
Render Quality: Low
View Distance: 18
Detail Distance: 10
Vehicle Density: 33
Shadow Density: does not exist on the Xbox 360
Definition: off
Vsync: off

those settings that are actual numbers scaled to 100, the rest scale up to high or very high.

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ATi_Elite1828d ago

PC Gamers always say the GTAIV PC version SUCKED!

BUT the first patch fixed all that! After the patch I was happy and had no more problems. Then the mods came and made GTAIV INCREDIBLE.

Feralkitsune1828d ago

I call BS on that. I've yet to meet a PC gamer who didn't hate how terribly optimized the PC version of GTA IV was. Only recently on modern day hardware is the game stable enough to play maxed.

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Razputin1828d ago

Oh I know for a fact we won't get RDR, but hell who knows, we got Bully years after release.

With GTAIV I can now play it with my GTX 670 OCd, but my 5970 and GTX295 had issues maxing it out, and I couldn't use ENB at all with those.

steve30x1828d ago

I take it Rockstar told you. Otherwise you dont know if its not going to be released on PC.

SKUD1828d ago

Renting it on consoles till I can purchase the PC version.