A Dramatic Telling of a Grand Theft Auto 5 Midnight Release

The overtly dramatic result of waiting needlessly at midnight for Grand Theft Auto 5.

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Sadist31764d ago

Idiots still go to the game store on midnights to deal with a crowd? You can't wait until the freaking morning?

Ripsta7th1764d ago

I did, i went like at 12:30 . The crowd was almost gone only like 8 ppl were left

Starbucks_Fan1764d ago

It's fun! Usually there's cool events and giveaways going on before release.

CrossingEden1764d ago

Only 30 people went to the store I went too for the Midnight release. WAYYYY shorter line than the one at Gamestop. :p

showtimefolks1764d ago

i sometimes go to midnight release but mostly i go tuesday evening since i get wednesday off

systems i much rather not deal with crowd

Lykon1763d ago

Some dude pressed up hard against my buttocks at one of these midnight launches (It was for GTAiv actually) i was stoned and i couldn't help pushing back a little. I always go to them now

franwex1763d ago

I went today after work around 7pm. Jeeez, there was a loooong line for the game; and it was taking awhile too because people kept trading stuff in!

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