Shane Kim On 360 Exclusives, Reliability & More

Over the last few weeks GameDaily compiled your questions for Shane Kim, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Game Studios, and Kim was nice enough to turn them around in a timely manner.

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green3895d ago

Ahha.Did he just say Alan Wake for 08?

sonarus3895d ago

lol i think he did. :D

sort of offtopic but i noticed all the recent interviews with sony execs mentioning titles to look forward to in 08 never seem to mention KZ2. I have a feeling sony has accepted its inevitable slip

Neo-Delta3895d ago

Yeah I agree. Its probably an 09 title.

chaosatom3333895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Looks like every game that is exclusive on 360 is going to run on unreal engine. Maybe the reason they are exclusive in the first place.

almost everygame on xbox becomes a franchise.
Soon we will be seeing Too Human 2, Alan Wake 2, Banjo 2(tho highly doubful), and Halo wars 2.

Supa3895d ago

Alan Wake has been pushed back so often, it's the new S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

green3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Apart from GOW2,what other exclusive is using the unreal engine?

@supa: Alan Wake was never really given an official release date.Every release date on the internet has been pure speculations because the devs have always said that it will be unveiled when it's done.

sonarus3895d ago

does alan wake use UE3??

green3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Alan wake does not use UE3.Even Too Humans engine is around 90% diff. from UE3.Epic even wanted to counter sue them for using a few elements, but it was not enough to make an issue out off

SeNiLe9113895d ago

"For later this year and beyond, Xbox 360 customers can look forward to Gears of War 2, Fable 2, Banjo, Halo Wars, and Alan Wake."

Alan Wake could fall under the beyond, just hope Gears doesn't.

chaosatom3333895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

um Too Human is still derived from unreal engine.

If Alan wake can outdone the things i saw in Alone in the dark, then i'll be impressed.
here is videos to alone in the dark.

Alone in the dark and RE5 will set standards for horror games. Alan wake has to be unique in its own way if it wants to stand out.

sonarus3895d ago

i think alan wake is an open world game but i think they are using some pretty impressive lighting

Richdad3895d ago

Man what do you have to do with engines look at Bioshock , ME and Gears both are quite different in looks. This difference will further increase as the engine upgrades.

tony3895d ago

he said 2088 and beyond.

kevoncox3895d ago

9. What is Microsoft doing to remedy the DRM issues affecting those who have suffered the red ring of death? It's been over two months since I received my new console (unit #3) and I still cannot access content that was purchased with my original 360 while I'm offline. For people who do most of their gaming offline, it is extremely inconvenient. It has also caused me to hold off on future Live purchases for fear of going through this again should I suffer another hardware failure. It makes sense that if you've paid for DLC, you should be able to enjoy it online or off. When are we going to see a resolution?

I can absolutely understand your frustration. Please know that we have taken major steps to address the hardware issues experienced by our customers so that they won't have to deal with this in the future. For people in your shoes, I think we have an amicable solution already in place. I recommend that you visit for instructions. This process will only require you to connect to Xbox LIVE once to download the content again. Once you follow this process, you should be able to play previously downloaded content whether you are signed into Xbox LIVE or not. If for some reason this process does not work for you, please contact 1-800-4MY-XBOX.

Talk about ownage. So for all you guys complaining, please learn to follow directions!!!!!!!!!!!!

godofthunder103895d ago

i think that the 360 and ps3 have good exclusives but exclusives are geting fewer and fewer because of the price it cost to make a game and soon exclusives will be history.
Some people are saying that every exclusive game on xbox becomes a franchise like it's a bad thing but what about the ps3,it's the same way, almost every exclusive on the ps3 is a franchise of one game or the other so they are both the same. i think that the 360 and ps3 are both good systems but don't just talk about the 360 like it's the only one that does something when the ps3 does the same thing.
360 fanboys keep saying that the ps3 is high when it's not really expensive.if you like games and want a br player the ps3 is the best way to go but if you have the money and a home theater like i do you will want to buy the top of the line stand alone br player that has all the works and be able to handle every type of audio because the ps3 can't but you can't beat the price of the ps3 for what it has in it.
Just like the 360 fanboys,the ps3 fanboys say things like the 360 keep breaking down and sony is the only reliable company for electronics products,with out knowing or just don't want to admit it but sony had problems with their electronic products to.when sony released the ps3 it was done right from the launch because the ps3 is the most dependable console every made and the few people that had a problem with it is to few to mention.
When the ps2 came out it had a defected drive in it and about 27% of the ps2 went out on people in less then 3 months because it would say can't read disc on the secreen even if it was a a new system or game.i know that it's not as high as the 360 but it's still high,i had to buy 5 in less then 2 years.not every one had a problem with their ps2,just about 27 out of a 100.i know some people who bought a ps2 and it lasted about 4 years and that's good for a console.the 360 is the same way i had a 360 since launch and never had a problem but about 35% of the people did and i'll admit it's high.
when people start complaining about the ps2s going out on them,sony kept saying that the ps2 didn't have any problems but after they were threaten with a lawsuit sony said that the ps2 did have a defected drive in it and they were working on fixing it and after a few years sony did fix all the drives in the new ps2.but unlike microsoft,sony didn't increase the warrinty from 3 months,so the people that bought the ps2 early and it broke down you were just stuck with the ps2 and even if you are a sony fan you have to admit that it was s**tty for sony to do even if you don't like microsoft you have to admit that at least micro gave a 3 year warinty on the 360 and there isn't one other company that released a defected product and gave a warrinty like micro gave for the 360.
Sony also released defected computers and a defected video camera so every company release a defected products some times not just microsoft like people are trying to say,hell even big car companies released defected cars just settled a lawsuit because of a defected product,hell sony computers was exploding because of sony batteries in it.
Sony fans are also acting like microsoft is the only company that lies but the truth is that sony lies to.hell sony lied when they said that the reason they didn't put rumble in the ps3 controller because it was last gen,then they said the reason why was because they couldn't put the motion censor and rumble in the same controller because it didn't have enough room but the truth is that sony,microsoft and another company was sued by the company that made rumble because they didn't have permission to use and the other company paid the fine right away to the company that was awarded by the courts but sony refused to pay and that's why they didn't put rumble in the ps3 controller at first but when ps3 fans start saying that they want rumble sony didn't have any choice but to pay the fine and they did and now they have permission to use rumble and that's why they are putting it in the ps3 controller now and that's the truth.
i'm tired of 360 fanboys and ps3 fanboys acting like the system that they have is the best,have better graphics,and more powerful then the other.the truth is that the ps3 and 360 graphics isn't different enough to talk about,hell some time you can't even tell what system the game is on.fanboys from both sides keep saying that their system is more powerful,the truth is that the ps3 is a little bit more powerful but the way they are desighn they are almost equal in power.
i think that they are both good systems with good games and i think that if a person bought a ps3 or a 360 they should just enjoy it and don't even worry about the other one or what a fanboy says because most of the time it's nor just enjoy the games and let stop all this childish fighting.
like i said i have a 360 and i like it and the ps3 is the most dependable console every made but i know people don't think like me but i'm buying from an american company as much as i can.the reason that japan and china is the most powerful and richest country in the world now is because of people buying forign products,hell senators are even saying it now and they want to change the trade laws so it will help us just like it help them because right now japan is exporting about 4 to 5 times more to the U.S then they let the U.S import to japan.they had an article written by a japanese writer from a game magazine in japan and he said that the japanese people are proud of their country and companies in it and they just refuse to buy anything from other country if they can even if the products are better then the ones in japan and they especially hate to buy american products.this is the reason that the japans economy is strong and almost every one have a jop and the reason the U.S has a poor econmy is because american buy all their products from japan instead of the U.S.i don't blam the japanese people to do what they are doing because they are doing the best thing for their country and it's about time we do to.the people that don't belive what i'm saying in the truth need to check up on trade between the U.S and japan,hell not that long ago the U.S didn't like what japan was doing concerning trade between the i said before,senaters are starting to talk about it and saying that something need to be done about it.

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green3895d ago

I wonder what the surprises will be?E3 08 will be crazy.

Salvadore3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

I think we'll probably see the unveiling of Perfect Dark 2, Kameo 2, Halo Chronicles, Forza 3 (according to Gamereactor) and the Newton controller.

DarkArcani3895d ago

Forza 3 will be that big of a surprise. Perfect Dark would be awesome although the fist one was sored too high in my opinion.

Tsalagi3895d ago

I wish. Kameo was a fun little platformer that needs a sequel badly.

Richdad3895d ago

Yeah perfect Dark zero was not that good, but Rare restored my faith with Kameo and Viva Pinata I will like to see them do another try with it but if it is not better this time their is no mercy in middle of this so called next gen.

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captainpwn3895d ago

They consider GTA 4 DLC comparable to the PS3 lineup?

Superiorrior3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

They sure can dream.

@ Bottom

Shane tried downplaying MGS series in a 1up podcast, he might be referring to that.

EDIT: I didn't know I struck a chord with you, we all know your pro 360, Tit for tat buddy.

Doesn't matter, Shane Kim tries to downplay one of the biggest series in history, he's gonna get nailed everywhere he goes and whatever article he's on, I'm not targeting 360 per-say (it is awfully funny though how seriously you guys take DLC though) but this Shane Kim is a dumbass.

green3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

where in the interview did he mention the line up and PS3 in the same sentence?He said great content for 360 owners this year period.

Stop turning this into something else.Infact please can you even point out where he mentioned another console in the interview?

@Domultra: is this the 1up podcast?

Edit: yes no doubt about it i am pro 360,but you will NEVER EVER see me trolling a PS3 related article.I hardly even read PS3 related articles.The day you see me making comments about the PS3,just know that i have bought one.

Exhaust3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

"it is awfully funny though how seriously you guys take DLC though"

In all fairness its awfully funny how much hardcore Sony fans try to dismiss DLC they no nothing about yet. Just like you said tit for tat buddy.

I'm no fanboy I'm just pointing out the truth. The back and forth is pointless. Its all opinion. No one is right or wrong. Both consoles have great games this year thats why for me having both consoles is the only option.

Glad to be a gamer3895d ago

your always gonna miss out on something whether you have one console or the other. It is exspensive to own them all but i just can't warrant not having either of the three this generation. I owned the gc/ps2 last gen although i played a fair bit of pgr/halo on a mates xbox.

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Iamback3895d ago

This guy is full of sh!t, really he is.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13895d ago

Worldwide Hardware Chart for Week Ending April 11th, 2008 -

PSP: 236,725 [263,914] ;-P
PS3: 173,155 [188,456] ;-P
PS2: 130,546 [138,922] ;-P
360: 127,681 [133,572] ;-D