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GameSpot: "The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD is a lovingly updated version of a timeless, though flawed, adventure."

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Yep1834d ago

Not that I agree or disagree with this review, I haven't played it yet, but I find their string of 8 out of 10s lately kind of funny. As long as they're able to rationally explain themselves though (which it seems they did).

Blacklash931834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Some are justifying themselves, others aren't.

A few reviews don't even mention the Swift Sail and speak as if there was more than two brief stealth sections (one being a 3-minute sidequest) in the game. One review even said that being able to automatically change the wind direction took away from the "magic" of the game. Then there's a few twists-of-truth to some of the content of the game, like the Eurogamer one mentioning ghost ship*s* when there's actually only one.

The worst was the Metro review, which granted is a terrible site for games to begin with. It says the experience has seen "almost no improvement" and did not mention any of the several mechanical improvements like the Swift Sail, streamlined triforce quest, or the better item management or new cannon reticle. Also he completely brushes the seamless UI on the gamepad off as "standard" and "trivial." It's that kind of warped sense of criticism that gets on my nerves.

Some thing reviewers are saying don't make sense, even the higher 9/10-ish reviews. That speaks more for gaming critics in general than any particular outlet.

Jubez1871834d ago

I don't think Gamespot likes games anymore.

deafdani1834d ago

Nah, their hate extends only to Nintendo games. :3