Turn Based, The RPG Podcast #22: How Will JRPGs Evolve to Stay Relevant?

The Koalition writes: "On this week's episode of Turn Based, The RPG podcast we welcome Matthew Sainsbury from Digitally Downloaded. This week's discussion was centered around the Japanese Role-playing game (JRPG) sub-genre and how it can evolve to once again become popular in the mainstream. We used the 'Tales' series as a case study, as some feel that the series doesn't reinvent itself enough to catch the attention of new gamers."

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thehobbyist1764d ago

They don't really need to evolve. People need to stop playing so much Call of Duty. Pumping $60+ a year into that crap makes no sense to me. Especially since many of the changes in the games are menial at best.

Inception1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Ironicly, we never saw an article about "How CoD need to evolve to stay relevant" from western journalist. When japanese devs pumped new JRPG's with different approach & mechanic every year compare to copy & paste CoD, and we still see this kind of topic for JRPG -_-

kalkano1764d ago

They need to change by reverting. They claimed to be trying to "evolve". But, all they were doing is trying to emulate the west. They need to go back to being themselves.

rbailey1764d ago

That Project Destati guess was dead on right at the 11:50 mark...

Blastoise1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Best game I've played all year was a turn based JRPG (Persona 4 Golden) so I don't think they're dated in any way.

Saying that though I won't say no to more games like Demon's Souls, Dark Souls and Deep Down.

JRPG's just need to stop being so dumbed down and stripped of depth, and stick to their roots like kalkano said above and they will stay relevant.

SoulSercher6201764d ago

Just stick to the roots and innovate in your own way. I'm a huge fan of JRPGs but there were too many this gen that were just plain and uninteresting. The only ones I cared about at all this gen were

Valkyria Chronicles
Ni no Kuni
Tales of Xillia

I dont count Persona 4 Golden since its a remastering even though I loved that game.

Thats disappointing for me. But I hope that changes next gen.

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