23 Pictures of the First Production Xbox One, the UI, and Microsoft’s Booth from the TGS Press Event

Today Microsoft held a pre-Tokyo Game Show "Press Round Table" at an hotel in Tokyo with reporters from the major Japanese websites and magazines to introduce the Xbox One to the local press, showing off the first production console just it of the assembly line.

Turns out it may also be a bit of a dust magnet.

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Burrito26a1797d ago

Sweet baby jesus that thing is ugly.

XB1_PS41797d ago

I like the way it looks.

The_Con-Sept1796d ago

It looks like a pc that got in a fight with a lawn mower...

ShinMaster1796d ago

Whatever happened to the "blackest black" color they called "liquid black"?
I guess being a dust magnet doesn't help.

I hope the PS4 doesn't have this issue, at least not to this degree.

dantesparda1796d ago

Who cares what the 2 systems looks like, honestly, neither is all that good looking. I call tie. You fanboys fight over everything

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True_Samurai1797d ago

If you think that's ugly you should check out the ps4

Magicite1797d ago

you should check your head

True_Samurai1797d ago

^^^ I see someone is catching feelings lol :-S

joefrost001797d ago

I love how all of you sony fans come on an xbox article
Which if you dont like xbox you shouldn't even be in here cause this hqs absolutely nothing to do with the PS4 and make comments saying its ugly and such and one person called the ps4 ugly and such
But he is the one who's feeling are hurt? Lol

Lunatic_Medic1796d ago

PS4 is designed to look like an eraser to erase the XBone from memory.

SilentNegotiator1796d ago

The machine that isn't all 90 degree angles?

Oh yeah, that looks way worse.

ShinMaster1796d ago


Feelings are the very reason why you felt the need to make that comment in the first place.

LordDhampire1796d ago

and see how to do a console right?

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karl1797d ago

i agree.. it does look ugly.

very little imagination went into the design

P0werVR1797d ago

Yeah, like using x86!

Come on Sony, get with the times. Why ask only one man (Cerny) to build your console?! He might know a thing or two about games, but bad choice.

Only reason for that, shows that he isn't as capable as a team of architectural engineers.

"Oh, I don't have an answer for porting. So we'll just go with x86."

Security, security, security!

karl1797d ago

Oo i didnt say anything about sony

devwan1796d ago

@karl Never mind, P0werVR just forgot which console he was supposed to be trolling this time.

H0RSE1796d ago

I think that was the point... to create something simple yet elegant. I mean, they could have used their imagination and put like a loop-di-loop on it and maybe a chocolate waterfall, but it likely didn't seem practical...

I personally like the simplistic design of the X1 over the PS4, which when placed vertically, looks like a ancient alien obelisk...

To be fair, I don't really see where any imagination is taking place on the PS4. Instead of looking like one big box, PS4 looks like 2 boxes spaced slightly apart, and they added a slant to the design - high tech shit...

MazzingerZ1796d ago

PS4 IS the console devs wanted and Cerny can a little bit more than one or two things about games

WarThunder1796d ago

I agree, Thats one of the ugliest consoles i have ever seen.

UI looks good.

Themba761796d ago

plain and simple it looks like a dusty vcr.

ziggurcat1796d ago

@ P0werVR

xbone uses x86 as well, so... get with the times, right?

P0werVR1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )


Don't you think I would have known that?!

Like the Xbox One I thought it was running both, but boy I missed somewhere where it ONLY runs off the x86 architecture for game development and software implementations. Xbox One runs off 64 bit!

But I'm sure they have a way of circumventing memory useage, but it's going to be tough.

But I'm personally cautious of how they're going to handle security issues. There is a reason why porting is easy on the x86 architecture, same thing goes for hacking.

I'll be paying very close attention to this as time goes by and won't be surprised if games pushing beyond 4gigs will have issues

4gigs is still HUGE compared to current gen!

cozomel1796d ago

@ PowerVR

Are you serious? you gotta be kidding me, you might be the most uninformed Xbox fanboy on here, they are both x86-64 machines. You're looking ignorant.

Xbox fanboys, the stupidest and most ignorant fanboys on the face of the Planet

P0werVR1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )


I believe it has more to do with them not being capable then it is an option.

That was there ONLY answer to easy porting. And if that's the only reason...IT DOES NOT MATTER! 4gigs is more than enough, compared to current gen.

I just don't understand why they took this route.

So do your DD before you comment, please?!

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redwin1797d ago

I think it looks fine. I'll call it...... A conservative look. Lol.

vigilante_man1796d ago

It does look really plain and big. The controller seems a bit on the big side, too. It is the least attractive hardware I have seen for a long time. It is just a box.

We are just commenting on looks here. It may play like a dream, the controller may be the best thing since slice bread and Kinnect 2 may be the most incredible camera device ever - but it is still very plain.

Yes, the PS4 looks sleeker and the blue line across the middle is a nice touch. It is not the best looking hardware either but looks like a prince compared to this.

Lets hope what's under the hood is worth it!

redwin1796d ago

@bigilante, I agree with you but I can't wait to get mine and paint it, I'm thinking south bx graffiti or a decals. I can make that box look unique.

vigilante_man1796d ago

You got the best idea. With the box being that simple looking there must be some great ways to mod it. You could start a trend!

HardcoreGamer1796d ago


TRD4L1fe1796d ago

turn off your caps locks

Death1796d ago

Crazy that they wanted to give users the ability to rip all their games to their consoles HDD and have access to them anytime and anywhere without having to have the disc in the tray to verify ownership. To think they could get away with that. Thank god we completely missed the point and focused on the fact the consoles needed to connect to the servers once every 24 hours to verify we hadn't traded the games in. Pure insanity.

McDaygo1796d ago

MS and Sony both made some odd design choices. The only nice thing is they both will melt away in my tv stand.

scott1821796d ago

I really like how the PS4 looks, nice new design.

Blackdeath_6631796d ago

it is but having said that the photo in the thumbnail is the best looking i have ever seen the XBone. i am not so much bothered by its looks as much as i am bothered by its size and the inclusion of yet another gigantic powerbrick. hopefully years down the line they will release a version that isn't quite as hideous

FamilyGuy1796d ago

It's user interface would look cool if it were made up of a 3D world of box icons like that TGS display screen shows. Before I expanded the image I thought it was an upgraded version of the user interface because of all the green. Unfortunately it wasn't but it would be a great idea if someone could suggest it.

Kind of like the current 360 interface where the avatar is chilling except the those boxes making up the X1 apps/feature would be on a 3D plane.

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NoLongerHereCBA1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

This mostly comes due to the lighting in this room. The console looks much better without these strange lighting conditions and it still has all the ugly plastic on it.

But everyone has a different taste. I prefer this over the PS4/WiiU.

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Convas1797d ago

UI looks awesome and it'll definitely be good to get around on it faster than on the 360 >.>

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1796d ago

Convas + 22h ago
UI looks awesome and it'll definitely be good to get around on it faster than on the 360 >.>

It doesnt look awesome