Neil Druckmann Keynote - Insight Into the Mind of a Naughty Dog

In Toronto the Writer and Creative Director of Naughty Dog, Neil Druckman, held a keynote speech. During his speech he covers the entire development of the Last of Us, including revealing some juicy information about a cancelled game.

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GribbleGrunger1763d ago

Very good Keynote. A must listen for anyone interested in where this industry should go.

NateCole1762d ago

Warning: It will melt you face.

yellowgerbil1762d ago

does this have spoilers for Last of Us? still haven't played it and don't want it ruined.

BrianSharon1762d ago

It absolutely does yellowgerbil.

Pancit_Canton1762d ago

It would be mind blowing if Naughty Dog Team 1 and Naughty Dog Team 2 to combined and make a large scale IP that surpass GTA5 and other open world project.

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