8 Things You Must Do In Los Santos

Damn, it feels good to be a gangster. With the release of “Grand Theft Auto V” last night, people have already begun to go crazy in the city and outlying areas around ‘Los Santos.’ After picking the game up last night at the midnight release, [pixcelation has] found several great things to do around the city that might not advance the story, but are a ton of fun to do in the city. Presented in no particular order, here is your to do list for ‘Los Santos.’

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optimus1767d ago

i'm surprised he didn't mention going to a strip club, shooting range, and movie theater... although i didn't know about hunting, scuba diving and golf so i guess i'll try those out at some point.

Swiggins1767d ago

Yeah, I've gone to the strip club and the shooting range several times, but I haven't been to the movies, hell, I haven't hardly even watched TV.

Been too busy making them dolla dolla billz yo.

SolidStoner1767d ago

after finishing the game we will still have tons of content left... just great!!

I cant understand how in the hell GTA5 looks so good on PS3, one of the best looking game, but the scale, how in the hell R* did that...