Women are being ‘hyper-sexualised’ in video games: Australian academic

Hideo Kojima’s recent decision to sexualise Quiet, a female character appearing in the forthcoming Metal Gear Solid 5 game, has prompted a prominent Australian academic to issue a reality check to the industry.

Kojima was originally quoted as saying he wanted to create a more ‘erotic’ character when Quiet, a female protagonist in MGS5, appeared scantily in ‘combat’ gear.

He later clarified that he meant ‘sexy’ – but does that make Kojima’s intentions any better or worse?

Australian gender studies expert Dr Liz Conor from Monash University says no.

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PoSTedUP1738d ago

they always have, and a lot of guys like it. hell women in the real world over sexulize themselves, and in a lot of movies. they often over sexulize men too, you think we're all good looking with muscles? but somehow men do dont give a d**n. i think women need to focous on themselves and fellow women who somehow love to go to clubs and dress like prostitues, tv movies and reality shows wouldnt have anything to do with that now would it? i think that is the more important issue other than giving a guy some eye candy opposed to actually imbeding it in the youth of the girls that follow their favorite star or show and actually dress inappropriatly in real life.

Bigpappy1738d ago

May be some one should tell Australia, that women are naturally sexy to men. They is nothing They can do to change that. Even Muslin rapped in all that cloth and head tied down, still look sexy. When they walk they still stitch those hips and they are still gentle and have sweet voices. Trying to prevent sex is a loosing undertaking.

AgentSmithPS41738d ago

Liz - "We all need to commit to an absolute rejection of all forms of violence, and then a more critical stance towards any representation that sexualises violence."
This little she-Hitler would ban books, games, and all other forms of imaginary violence if she had the power.
Liz - "But whether the gaming industry as a whole could survive under these demands is doubtful."
You live in a country where women in their own homes are NOT allowed to defend themselves with a gun if a rapist, robber, murderer, etc breaks in, maybe you should fix that before you worry about imaginary problems? You should go visit some rape victims and tell them you're protecting them from video games and see how they respond.

Women dress a certain way because they consciously or subconsciously know it can accomplish something.
Have you been to a Walmart lately, it's almost like going to the beach. Women wear tops that expose a big amount of cleavage, they wear tiny booty shorts or tight fitting spandex that leaves nothing to the imagination, etc.

Women can choose what to wear so why can't an artist choose to dress his game character however he wants? Fools are all too eager to play dictator.

BattleAxe1738d ago

"Women are being ‘hyper-sexualised’ in video games: Australian academic"

Cool story bro.

Murad1738d ago

Totally agree with everything you said. That's why when articles like Dragon Crown being sexist comes out, I tend to just downright ignore the review. It's not talking about the game, it's talking about what the game could represent.

ChrisW1737d ago

Yeah, but there's one thing that really gets me about Quiet... It's that, face-wise, she seriously looks like trailer park trash!

JohnnyBadfinger1737d ago

That's how I like my women "hyper" and "sexual"...
Now to show the Missus this and see whether or not I get slapped loo

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ziggurcat1738d ago

Story quality? WTF? Like this website? No.

cyguration1738d ago

It's hard for SJW websites to become famous on N4G and push their agenda; the core crowd does not sway easy.

Jughead34161738d ago

IMO, people need to chill out. People get way too offended over little stuff. If you don't like something about a game, then just don't buy it. Everything isn't for everyone. GTA V has prostitutes that you can pick up on the street and based on the amount you pay her, she performs acts on you. Don't hear too much controversy over this.

Shadowstar1738d ago

We used to hear a lot about GTA's prostitutes. GTA has actually toned that down since 3. Anyway, the GTA series has other issues that get play-- like the fact that there's never been a female protagonist.

cyguration1738d ago

Toned it down?

Uh, sorry bro.. they toned it up. They had some straight up doggy-style sex in GTA V and you could get a BJ in GTA IV. Not to mention all the sex you could have in The Ballad of Gay Tony... that was off the hook with the sexy-time.

Shadowstar1738d ago

@cyguration: I'm not a bro. :) Also, I was meaning more the sex-violence aspect. It wasn't really worth it to have sex with the prostitute and then run her over like it was in GTA3. (I can't comment about GTA5). People aren't complaining about sex per se, they're complaining about sexy for the sake of sexy.

AgentSmithPS41738d ago

umad bro, u gonna do violence bro? :P.

I wish someone would come up with a great adult verification system for games so we'd see less of these anti-freedom manifestos. Quit treating adults like children...

I hope this "Quiet storm" inspires people to make the most violent and sexual games ever ;). I just hope they make sure to have the women and men do bad things to women and men. Is PETA upset about the COD dogs or BF4 yet?

ilovefatgirls1738d ago

as if men aren't turned into sex objects on a daily basis..

DragonKnight1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Isn't it funny that most "gender studies" academics are women?

It's misandrist. Men aren't equally represented or paid in the Gender Studies field. /s

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